Project 2: Week 4 Shot types Summary

Updated shooting script including voice over and sound effects

Shooting Script and pre production preparation

Contingency problems and solutions for possible sound issues covered in my recce

Location Recce Sheet

Production activities undertaken

This week I began the recording of the project. I took each shot for the project from multiple different angles with different levels of focus, some with fading in and out so that I have a greater amount of choice when it comes to the editing process. By having multiple different shots from different angles I can use it to create a 2-3 shot sequence and with different levels of zoom to create establishing shots.

I also took some shots for a 3 shot sequence relating to the aggression test case study I am going to be including. This included an establishing shot of someone at the computer and then a choice between combination of an over the shoulder shot, a extreme close up of the persons eyes, a shot of the computer screen with the test being filled out and a final shot of the keyboard and mouse being used. I used different focus for the over the shoulder to focus on the computer screen with the outline of the person filling it out blurred, this would lead in nicely to a close up of the screen, for example.

I also, during my skill practice, gained experience with doing piece to camera and took note of how to best present myself which I will apply during my recording process.

I did an interview with a college student who often plays games with violence and asked him some questions on his views on the subject. I also arranged an interview with one of the college’s games design tutors which will be done on Friday, to get a level of professional opinion, I intend to use the same questions as before with the previous interview so I can compare and contrast them in my final piece. I also finalised my voice over script which can be found above with my shot list.

Finally I had someone take an aggression test for my case study, I have linked them the test to be completed again immediately after having played games that have a lot of violence.

Problems faced 

The majority of the problems I faced this week were mainly related to working on my own. This was a challenge due to having to find other people to be able to record and often setting up a shot and then having to be in the shot. I resolved this by asking for help from other members of my class to help by being in shot for me so I could set up the camera to get the shot how I wanted it to look exactly.

There were also issues with spacing and sound. The sound was an issue due to the fact that the classroom was very loud and picked up a lot of background noise. I managed to solve this issue by asking to have a different room unlocked for me in a quiet environment which was very good for capturing audio. I intend to use this room again or another empty classroom for my interview that I will be conducting on Friday.

In terms of interviews I intend to be doing video interviews with both people who play games and those who don’t and compare their opinions. I have booked out a camera for the weekend in order to have enough time to record people as well as a microphone to help with sound quality. Due to this I will be able to record in several different locations unavailable to me during college hours.

Other problems faced is acquiring media footage and games footage. However I have already looked into ways to download footage of a good quality for the project. In terms of games footage I own the source material and have the software at home and will be able to record the necessary footage myself and give me access to a high quality of footage due to the hardware and software available to me at home. I also intend to use my recording equipment at home to record the voice over this weekend.

Project 2: Week 4 Shot types Summary

Project 2: Week 3 Proposal script and recce

Finalised proposal idea:

The idea that my partner and myself are going with relates to violence in video games and how the media represents this. The intention is to present to 3 pieces of work in different ways with a sufficiently different angle for each, in terms of presentation of information and which facts are include. Below is the research carried out in preparation for the video portion of the project along with a shooting script (which includes some references and information also).


Shooting Script and pre production preparation

Location Recce Sheet


Project 2: Week 3 Proposal script and recce

Project 2: Week 2 Summary

During this week I have been learning about the different pieces of pre-production paper work and why they are necessary in a project. These pieces of paper work are split into 4 different areas; proposal, shooting schedule, shooting script, and location recce.


The proposal is one of the most integral parts of the pre-production process. This is the first step in creating and planning a project. This is where all the ideas that have been brainstormed and narrowed down are finally pitched in order to be potentially chosen. This is crucial if you are passionate about an idea and is the part of production where you have to sell your idea.

If a proposal is a failure then it means the idea is not applicable or not the strongest idea to be used. Therefore it must be revised and adapted suitably for the task at hand. The idea may well be a good one but if it does not suit a specific angle that it was intended for, it will not be useful in the overall goal of the piece.

Shooting schedule

A shooting schedule is very useful in terms of practicality. In order to appropriately manage deadlines and obtain the correct amount of footage a schedule must be kept; in this case, a shooting schedule.

This is a timeline which shows exactly how long something is going to be shot and how long you are going to shoot in general. This is something that is very important to be completed early on in pre-production in order to ensure everyone working on the production can be available and whether or not the timings are practical. This is especially relevant in the case where equipment may not always be available.

Shooting script/Storyboard

This stage is crucial to creating a clean and well made final product. This stage is where you create a base outline of the type of shots you want and a rough estimation of how long for each shot (playing into the shooting schedule also). This also helps to plan the content of each shot and allows for a simpler process when it comes to recording. A storyboard helps to create a much more fluid filming process by giving everyone involved a very clear layout of what each shot will consist of and its content. A story board is very important when working with deadlines and with others (especially when not everyone can be present at the shoot).

Location recce

A location recce is a large part of the process of pre-production. This is the idea of going to a location and checking whether or not it is somewhere suitable for filming/shooting. Often it is a good practice to take pictures of where the camera would be positioned to allow for an understanding of how potential footage would look. Shooting on location can be challenging if the area is not well known and no research has been done on it and so therefore it is very beneficial to location recce in advance in order to making the shooting of footage much simpler and efficient.

Project 2: Week 2 Summary