Week 11 – News Diary

Spiderman actor discusses what will set him apart in upcoming civil war movie


New Spiderman actor Tom Holland has talked about how he will be portraying Spiderman in the new Captain America movie next year. As he is the third actor to play Spiderman in the characters film history many are speculating what will set him apart from the other actors. The idea behind Spiderman being set apart from the other characters in the new film according to Holland is the concept of Spiderman being one of the only characters in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe to have a secret identity.

Why is it newsworthy?

Captain America Civil War is one of the biggest marvel films coming out to date. There has been a huge advertising campaign and the plot is based off one of Marvel’s best selling graphic novels. It is highly anticipated and many fans of the Marvel franchise are excited for the new film and are looking for any information regarding the new film. This brief interview sheds a little bit of light at least in terms of filming location and gives some more background to Tom Holland as an actor. Holland will be the third person to play Spiderman and many are interested in how he will fare when compared to the previous two incarnations since Marvel have made a deal with Sony for the right to use Spiderman in their universe.

What are the perspectives?

This story is relatively simple. There aren’t many angles that can be taken from it. There is the concept of a new actor playing a character that is well know by many already and will have to try and live up to the previous actors performances.

But mostly this presents the perspective of Holland himself considering it is an interview and the rather short article is based purely on his quotes.

What is the best medium for this?

I would say either audio or written. Audio could use the sound bytes that are being quoted in the article to give more validity. However, with such a short story with not much information it suits written just as well due to it being quite bite sized. I feel like a video would just be too short and not really attract the same kind of audience. However, many of those who will be interested in the story will be young and interested in the upcoming film so could possibly be interested in a video format. Taking this all into account, though, due to the nature of the story I would stick with a written format.


Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 won’t ship worldwide due to sexism issues


The game ‘Dead or Alive Xtreme 3’ a very sexualised beach volley ball game, will not be available outside of Japan and Asia due to the publishers concerns that the game will offend Western audiences. This is due to the games very unapologetic overtly sexual depictions of women.

Why is it newsworthy?

There has been a continually discussion of over sexualised female characters being unrealistic portrayals of women in gaming. It have died down more recently as many developers have been shying away from the previously overly sexual characters in favour of more strong willed and determined female protagonists.

This along with the new wave of modern feminist groups and campaigns that have been widely discussed in the past couple of years makes the story all the more relevant. It also shows a very interesting change in how society has changed and how this is now beginning to affect the video game industry.

What are the different perspectives?

The main perspectives here are the game’s publisher who are the reason it will not be shipped to the West. The reasoning is fairly obvious but this will clearly hurt sales and asks the question why they haven’t done this before now.

There is also the perspective of fans of the series who will not be able to purchase the game in the Western countries and what their opinion is on whether this is a good decision.

There is also finally the obvious perspective of what female gamers and feminists think of this decision and could be used to open up another discussion on sexism in the video game scene.

What is the best medium for this?

I would say video. Purely so game footage can be used so that viewers can get an accurate view on whether they personally think the game was too offensive to be released in the West. While audio and visual can still open up the discussion, it doesn’t present the opportunity to give the audience the ability to make their own decision based on the game’s content.



Nintendo’s New Console will not be the next version of the Wii


The new console Nintendo are currently working on (the Nintendo NX) is intended to be a “different and obviously a new experience”. The console will not have any specifics made available to the public until next year. However, it is intended to not be the successor to Wii or Wii U and is intended to be something completely new.

Why is it newsworthy?

The Wii has sold over 100 million units around the word – outselling both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. However, the successor to the console, the Wii U, after more than three years has only sold 10.73 million. Therefore it is not surprising Nintendo want to move around from the Wii and Wii U concept and move onto a different console. This is a very big development for the games industry as the Xbox One and Playstation 4 are still in the formative years since being released 2 years ago. The idea of another console being released so soon after the last new console generation is a very unexpected development. Also since Nintendo are being very secretive about the console many are interested in the slightest piece of information.

What are the perspectives?

There are three main perspectives for this story. That of the industry as a whole, those of Nintendo and those of the consumer.

The consumer and fans of Nintendo are interested in any information they can get on the NX and therefore it is being covered extensively whenever information if given out about it.

The perspective of Nintendo is mainly the question of, why are they being so secretive and why announce a new console so early into its development with such little information?

Finally in terms of an industry it is interesting to think how this new console could affect and potentially shape the future of the console market.

What is the best medium for this?

Much like with the Spiderman story, this is very minimal in terms of information. It is purely based off a quote and therefore I think it presents itself well as a written piece.

There isn’t much that can be said about the story unless using it as a point in a much larger discussion so I feel like audio and video content would not work as well.



Week 11 – News Diary

Week 10 – News Diary

Star Wars Battlefront Awakens Atop UK Chart


The newly released Star Wars Battlefront Awakens game, created by known developer DICE (responsible for the games in the battlefield series) has become the highest selling game during its launch week in the UK. The game generated enough sales to become the fourth biggest game launch in 2015.

Why is it newsworthy?

This game launched just three weeks prior to the released of the highly anticipated new Star Wars film: ‘Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens’. Many people have been highly anticipating the new film and therefore Star Wars as a franchise is at the height of its popularity.

The sales figures alone show just how much excitement there is relating to the new film in the series.

There was also a lot of fans of the older game in the series ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ which still has a significant player-base on PC. Many did not expect their to be a new entry into the Battlefront franchise, so it is likely why people were so excited when the game was announced.

The has been a lot of coverage of this game and many were curious how the new developers of the series would change the direction of the original games. Clearly, however, this has not deterred many gamers from picking up a copy.

What are the different perspectives?

There are many different perspectives to take into consideration.

Firstly there is that of the new development team and whether the new direction they have taken the game is the cause of it selling so well.

There is also that of the consumer as to whether the game is good enough to warrant the level of sales it has generated, and how will this effect future games in the series.

There is the perspective of it being Star Wars related news that is very much in the public eye at the moment due to its resurgence in popularity relating to the release of the new film.

Best medium for the story

In this case due to it being a relatively short story, with little else that facts and figures, I believe the online written format to be the best way to present this story. It is a short simple story that does not require too much in depth analysis.

Radio/audio would not really be suitable due to how brief the story is unless presented as purely a headline. However, this could suit a podcast discussion format due to the nature of the new development team and tie into discussion surrounding the launch and then using it as a springboard onto a larger topic. A good example of which can be found here (https://youtu.be/JbdJUVzWP4Y?t=28m58s).

This story would again possibly work in video to the same extent as previously mentioned with radio.



Game fails to reach to reach crowdfunding target


A new platform for crowdfunding has experienced its first campaign to not reach its goal. The campaign for a game called ‘Anchors in the Drift’, being created by the development team behind popular game ‘Scribblenauts’. The campaign did not manage to reach its goal of $500,000.

Why is it newsworthy?

Fewer and fewer games recently have been able to generate enough money through crowdfunding sites, which begs the question as to whether this will continue to be a valid tool for games development. There is also the fact that this is Fig’s, as a platform, first failure.

Also there is the fact to consider that the development team behind this game are well known and respected in the industry for their previous success ‘Scribblenauts’. Therefore this failure may likely come as a shock to many.

What are the different perspectives?

There are several different perspectives to consider with this particular story.

The first of which is that of the games industry as a whole and how this may be a cause for concern, in terms of the future of crowdfunding. This failure being the first for Fig being the main focal point of the story.

This is not the first or last games to fail on a crowdfunding website and so there is the perspective as to why is that the case? What does it take in order to generate enough money through crowdfunding to make it viable and can it be replicated?

There is also the personal perspective of the developers having gone from having a successful game followed by a crowdfunding failure. This will likely be tough for the developers in generating investment or interest in their game. However, ironically the very fact that it failed to reach its goal has given it more publicity.

Best medium for the story

Due to this being a good springboard for discussion, I would think audio or video would be a good route to take with this story.  This could open up a larger debate that, again with the last story, would very much suit a podcast style format.

While written is also viable I feel like it stunts the discussion of the story and promotes more of a factual and simplified representation of the story.



Breaking Benjamin frontman refuses to promote Star Wars Battlefront


Singer of rock band ‘Breaking Benjamin’, Benjamin Burnley, refused to promote the new Star Wars game, called the game a “piece of s***” on his Instagram posting a picture of a broken Xbox One disk of the game.

The singer is a fan of Star Wars and was pictured dressing up as one of the villains from the new film for Halloween.

Why is it newsworthy?

This story is newsworthy because it again relates to the newly released ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’. As someone who is known to be a fan of the Star Wars franchise, it shows a very emotive reaction which clashes very heavily with the otherwise generally positive reception the game has received.

Mainly the focal point of this story being the aggressive nature in which he went about showing his disgust at being offered money to promote the games on social media.

What are the perspectives of this story?

The perspectives in this story are fairly rudimentary for a story of this nature.

There are the perspectives of the two opposing parties. Why is Burnley so aggressively against promoting the game and feels the need to spread negativity about the game? And what what the developers reaction to this?

There’s also the perspective of both fans of the game and fans of the singer himself who value his opinion and of course those that fall into both categories.

Best medium for the story

Due to it relating to an Instagram post I would say written or video in order to present screenshots of the post. Radio would be fairly limited in how much it can relevantly give with just information without any visual prompts to back up the story.

Video as well is fairly limited as there is fairly little that could be shown that is relevance other than images and footage of both the game and the singer. I therefore would say a written format suits the story but again does allow for a discussion that could suit video or audio to a certain extent.



Week 10 – News Diary

Week 10 – Different Writing Styles – Broadsheet

Summary of role and responsibility of broadsheet journalism

Broadsheet publications are very more orientated towards a more intellectual based demographic. They therefore cover much harder hitting news and allow their audience to draw their own conclusions based on the facts and analysis provided. In general, broadsheet journalism exists to provide the public with information regarding stories that are much more high brow than that of tabloids, focusing much more on the political and world view of many stories.

In order to realise this responsibility broadsheets employ a series of different methods than tabloids. Firstly their is the use of intellectual language, there is a certain expectation that readers of broadsheets will understand more complicated language and will not be alienated by this. It is assumed that the demographic of a broadsheet is well read and educated and therefore will have no issue understanding the use of more formal language.

A broadsheet cover much more deep news with analysis on any issues surrounding that area. A broadsheet will go very much more in depth than a tabloid often being much longer and more detailed then that of a tabloid. Due to this the readers will often be expected to draw their own conclusions rather than have it explained to them. Broadsheets (arguable with the exception of the Financial Times) are normal relatively political in nature and have clear values that they associate with.

Overall they are much less flamboyant than tabloids, avoiding emotive language and focusing more on the facts rather than skewing opinion. In this manner they will express their views based on the facts and how they are presented

Comparison of tabloid and broadsheet coverage of same story

Mirror Guardian
Leads with figures Longer opening line, still leads with figures; factual with no emotive language
“to take on IS terrorists” Big money figures are in the top line unlike in the mirror where it is halfway down the article
Flamboyant with their point making Prioritising raw information which comes in larger chunk. Audience have longer attention span
Emphasis on active fighting – “fears grow” True paragraphs
Added own spin but backed it up with direct quote Uses full quotes to back up information
Very active vocabulary “fear” “fastest” “take on” Links to previous stories much earlier in the article, much more aware of  the other all narrative and knows its audience being well read
Very short paragraph More expansive with its information/more thorough
Very emotive language Provides specifics (BAE aircraft, classes of aircrafts)
“Fastest ever” x2 in first 200 words Sentences come in paragraphs. 2 sentences per paragraph
“Paras”- assuming knowledge of audience due to either their use of the word or simply because it is in the readers natural lexicon Very thorough explanations of information, backing up with a minimum of 2 subsequent points/facts
“Smashing” “blowing up” – very provocative language Narrative travels from soldiers to relating it to other stories and creating a discussion.
“IEDs” – assuming knowledge again Doesn’t explain the meaning of quotes and lets readers decide for themselves
Uses previous stories in explanation citing French troops repelling “al Qaeda mobs storming Bamako in Mali in 2013” as well as link to vote on Syria bombing to give context to events and how it forms a narrative with these other stories as well as being a part of a future narrative; building awareness of the overall issue Oscillates between broadening the context to then analyse a particular point
Backing up assertions with credible sources Emphasis on explanation and analysis rather than to simply inform
Lead with a big statement but later on in the article clarify Deeper level of information without any provocative language or judgment
Language which labels people, unafraid to judge “pacifist Jeremy Corbyn” Has a higher level of respect for its audience in its omission of bias towards the story to allow audience to create their own opinion.
Repetition of important statements to form an agenda
Ends on an anti-Cameron note


The Guardian style broadsheet article

Jeremy Corbyn has been outspoken regarding recent claims from the shadow defence secretary Maria Eagle backing the head of the armed forces in terms of criticising the leader of the Labour party’s platform relating to trident.

Corbyn’s views on trident have caused a rather large divide in the labour party, with some members of the shadow cabinet telling The Guardian earlier in the month that they believe he has not remained open-minded in regards to Trident.

Corbyn, who made his views on Trident very clear during his first conference speech in September, has stated that such disputes must not be had publically when addressing his weekly shadow cabinet meeting following the statement.

The four Vanguard class submarines, which make up the UK’s nuclear deterrent, are each armed with Trident 2 D5 nuclear missiles. The steam powered submarines use reactors which convert water to steam to drive their engines and generate electricity, currently cost the UK 6% of its annual defence budget.

Corbyn has made his views on the matter very clear that to replace the Trident programme would be a poor use of the military budget. Stating during his speech in September “I don’t believe that £100bn spent on a new generation of nuclear weapons taking up a quarter of our defence budget is the right way forward.”

Comparison of different broadsheet newspapers

Telegraph – The daily telegraph presents itself in a much more factual manner, very little sensationalist language. Focuses quite heavily on stories relating to Conversatives. Has a more high brow format in terms of very little imagry and focuses on relaying information and is clearly aimed at middle to upper class, with a clear slant towards the right wing.

Times – Has a very sober version of the more sensationalist stories presented in tabloids. Focuses very much on the facts and does not capitalise its headlines in order to garner attention and is very heavy in regards to writing with the front pages often being text in majority. As with the Telegraph is right wing.

Guardian – Focuses much more on families and people and security. Has a clear political allignment to the left and is very much focused on being socially conscious with a learn towards art and culture.

Independent – The independent is very much a liberal publication with a high level of social consciousness. As with the Guardian assosciates itself with Labour and is fairly defensive. The Idependent is visually identifyable due to its title being across the side of the page with a very tidy layout. The publication is very socially aware and has a slightly younger audience when compared with other broadsheet publications. The i a subsidiary of the Independent is the only major mainstream newspaper based publication aimed at students.

Financial Times – The Financial Times is the only publication which is printed on pink paper. The stories are presented with an air of military right wing but stays relatively neutral with a slight lean towards the right. Mainly includes buisness stories and has brief summaries. The publication is clearly aimed at those on the go to be read quickly to gain as much information as quickly as possible.


Typical guardian article relating to Jeremy Corbyn:


Article relating to mirror’s views on Corbyn:


Positive views on Corbyn, would be sympathetic towards his views on trident prioritise how Corybn’s views could affect the party, much more analytical

What is trident: http://www.cnduk.org/images/stories/trident_QA.pdf



What are Corbyn’s views on trident: http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/621139/Jeremy-Corbyn-Islamic-State-Bristol-speech-Paris-terror-attacks-UN-resolution



Week 10 – Different Writing Styles – Broadsheet