Week 2 – Evaluation of Skills Learnt this week

What are the skills I have learnt this week?

I feel like I have learnt a lot of skills this week relating to my interview technique. The most prevalent being those relating to body language, while I am fairly confident in what to say and feel I come across professionally vocally I found myself not sure how to show this physically. With learning how body language can be perceived and how this can be used to make someone feel more comfortable in an interview has been very useful. I also found the way to balance both open and closed questions in order to encourage discussion and lead into harder questions very useful as it was something I was unclear of beforehand. I found a lot of the sessions useful in terms of how to make someone more willing to interview, such as having open body language and smiling having an impact on this. Also the importance and style of a vox pop style interview and how useful it can be in expressing public opinion and humanising an article.

What is the purpose of this skill set?

The purpose of this skill set is to allow for better interviews so I can gain more primary sources of information when writing an article. The vox pop skills also allow me to apply this in future to articles to humanise and article and make it more appealing for a reader. The interview skills will help me to conduct myself in an appropriate manner and thus get better results from future interviews.

Give at least 3 examples of the skills being used in the industry?

Good examples of good interview practise can be seen by vox pops used in many newspaper articles, there is also the use of good interview etiquette on televised news programmes (such as open body language, smiling, maintaining eye contact, etc…). In general interview skills relate to having good people skills which are a useful asset in all jobs in the industry in regards to maintaining and gaining good relations with workers and gaining contacts for interviews. Interview technique is also very useful for those who have to conduct specific interviews such as political interviews starting with a hard question and going for a more aggressive approach to gain the information. Research is also very important, knowing what the answer is expected to be before asking the question, this is important for journalists in the industry and for producers supplying information to interviewers.

How effectively have I carried out the skill set, thinking about the strengths and areas to improve?

I feel I am very strong in terms of confidence, I have no issue approaching someone and asking for an interview and can carry myself well in conversation coming across in a professional manner. I would also say my body language has definitely improved over the past few days in terms of coming across as a more approachable person for interview. However, I think I still have a lot of improvements to make in coming across professionally while still remaining friendly, a lot of my idiolect tends to creep in while interviewing such as “yeah” and “awesome thanks” which are not particularly professional terms to use, while these do have a place in more social interviews are not appropriate for more serious situations. Coming across professionally is another thing I would like to work on, my posture is often slouched and I usually have to remind myself to smile during an interview or show that I am paying attention.

Identify what jobs in industry you would apply these skills?

As previously specified most journalists require good interview practice. Producers for television interviews must have good research skills as well as those conducting the interviews. Good vox pop etiquette is used by both TV and newspaper journalists.

How relevant are the skills for you in getting a job in the industry?

These skills are inherently vital to almost all jobs in the industry as they are relative to having good people skills. These are especially important to any journalist and anyone who works in a team. Anyone conducting interviews in their job is required to have good interview etiquette and anyone in industry conducting primary research. These are one if not the most important skill sets for journalists and producers in order to allow for them to get primary sources of information that is completely separate from secondary sources available to every other journalist




Week 2 – Evaluation of Skills Learnt this week