Unit 11: University Interview Evaluations

Communication skills evaluation

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Unit 11: University Interview Evaluations

Unit 11: Week 1 (Celia)

1.1 Critically evaluate own strengths and ambitions to support own development and meet identified goals.

In order to meet this criteria I have worked on creating a extensive and well formulated personal statement for my future university applications. I will also be creating a creative media driven CV layout for which to apply for work and have created an online portfolio to represent my professional level work.

Personal statement

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Online Portfolio

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1.2.Use knowledge and understanding of progression routes to make applications within creative media production higher education or related employment.

In order to meet this criteria I did extensive research on university courses in the UK. The route I went through in order to narrow down these universities was to first go through the NCTJ website (a industry standard qualification).

Upon looking through all the Journalism courses in the UK with NCTJ accreditation I then listed out the universities and compared them each statistically. The statistics I took into account were the following:

  • Overall university league table position for 2017/2018
  • League table placement for Media courses
  • Student satisfaction score
  •  Employment statistics upon graduation.

This left me with a top 6: Kent, Falmouth, De Montford, Bournemouth, Lincoln and Staffordshire. The only outlying university not in the top 5 was Staffordshire. This uni placed over 100 overall in the country in terms of league tables. The reason this was not struck from the list was purely due to it’s Games Journalism course, the only one in the country.

I therefore went to each open day to rank them in order of how much I thought the course would benefit me as well as other outlying factors that would affect my education at each establishment. Staffordshire was struck from the list at this point due it’s Games Journalism course being a mixed course of PR, Communications and straight Journalism. The course also had yet to have any graduating students and offered no support with contacts or otherwise in terms of work experience, which was a requirement of the course.

I have since applied to each university left in my top 5 and as of this week have 4 interviews at Kent, Falmouth, De Montford and Lincoln as well as an unconditional offer from Bournemouth.

I have already conducted my interview for Falmouth in which I was asked about my interests in Journalism, the stream I find most interesting and the overarching structure of Journalism in the UK. The interview lasted 50 minutes in which I showed print outs of my work from my online portfolio. I also showed cuttings from my published articles for the Herne Bay and Whistable times.

I discussed games journalism in depth in terms of how it supports the industry and how it is more than just games reviews. I also briefly discussed my interest in both gonzo journalism and documentaries with a particular focus and analysis on Louie Theroux.

My next interview will be on the 24th of January for Kent, followed by an interview on the  28th at Lincoln and finally ending with Lincoln on the 8th of February.

Unit 11: Week 1 (Celia)