FMP: Directory Portfolio

FMP Portfolio

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FMP: Directory Portfolio

One thought on “FMP: Directory Portfolio

  1. tomrowse says:

    This is an outstanding piece of work; in some ways exemplar for existing and future students. The amount of detail is to be commended and the insights into the making of your documentary through all the stages is of the very highest standard. The research is extensive, impactful and extremely well documented and articulated.

    The pre-production is again thorough and meets all the units criteria to the highest standard.

    The production, the documentary is an outstanding achievement that demonstrates al the skills and preparation documented in the research and pre-production. it is interesting and informative as well as being creative and entertaining. There are few minor issues with the edits, but at this level, and considering the time-scale you have turned this around in, not worth mentioning.

    The evaluation is also outstanding: the language used, the terminology and industry knowledge all present and well-written. Your understanding of the process and development of a documentary is articulated and delivered professionally, conscientiously and creatively. This work is evidence of a student able to work independently, innovatively and reflectively.
    a joy to read, to watch and to teach.

    I’ve made some small points below, mostly regarding script omission, and minor errors. I suggest one last proofread. I have listed a few below:

    There still isn’t a hypothesis in the opening Proposal. (it s mentioned later, but was a requirement in the Proposal)
    Research Plan:
    In resources for the interviews and research you should include your questions for interviews (this could be considered a resource), plus a note to refer to research bibliography in proposal (no need to mention any individual texts unless you feel the questions were informed by a particular text).
    There is no mention of a script in any of the early pre-production posts or the schedule. Did you have one that you refereed to?

    As my audience are (you) likely to be between ?? p14

    I had no skills with designer was unable to create any Photoshop material I was unable to use any of the Adobe suite and was fairly good with audio unfortunately I didn’t have access to the kind of equipment to practice these kind of skills PUNCTUATION?? p14
    aspects p14
    project the best encompasses the topic – that best p14

    able to do this project project p15

    themselves as gaming addict – a gaming p15

    whether gaming can be seeded and addiction at any point. ??

    p16 – still no mention of a script? Either as skill or research.

    p23: You mention planning in “skills”, but surely part of planning is writing a script (a pre-production scrip and a post-production script is the industry norm).

    For example, if one interview discuss the label ‘addiction’ – discussing p26

    and have reflected on this previously – where? p27

    media based brands: YouTube, Amazon and BBC (in that order of firs,t second and fourth)
    Therefore, it would
    Currently, documentaries are incredibly
    Following on from this, in the USA
    I’ve added here the punctuation needed.

    p27: planning – script??

    research documents is (as) to be styled in ? p29
    if someone is needing to understand – need to p29

    p32 As example of this is the editing – An example

    P33: Considering the fact that from the formulation of the idea and the final product I have only had 10 weeks the sheer amount covered in this documentary, as well as its overall length being that of a typical full scale documentary along the lines of a Louie Theroux documentary or an episode of ‘Making a Murder’. Is a great strength of my project. Sentence structure/syntax – doesn’t make sense.

    documentary creation, that I never – no need for comma here

    p33: which mean that there video quality allowed for focusing ???
    shot to be much simplier to set – spelling? simpler
    where I was filmed the shots – where i filmed the shots???

    never encounter prior to this project – encountered p34

    Firstly, with – (several times commas missing in evaluation)

    one more proofread and then put your feet up. This is quite an achievement.


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