FMP: Week 9 Summary

What work was completed this week?

This week focused entirely on finalising the editing process for my project. As with the previous two weeks, the majority of the work was based around formulating the narrative, essentially slotting the clips in together to create the documentary.

The majority of the special effects editing had been completed in previous weeks and therefore it was mostly just final last minute edits such as ensuring transitions between clips were smooth and the piece flowed well.

The major editing element I incorporated this week was the creation of an introductory voice over which I had scripted previously before the editing process, but was unsure as to whether I would use it in the final piece. I felt that while the documentary was fairly self explanatory for the most part this opening dialogue gives more context to the piece for the viewer. This I feel goes well with the opening cinematic and the introductory video diary, as it throws the viewer in and gets them questioning the piece before giving them context. It grabs their interest before giving them more to go on thus engaging the viewer more. The process of creating this voice over simply revolved around the recording of the audio in audacity and then using the same software to remove background noise. I then added this in and used the same process I had used to animate text for the names of people in the documentary to animate text for the opening few lines of dialogue. Following this I added some imagery of what I was discussing before using stock footage I had of games and people gaming to fill in the rest of the segment. This then goes on to play the press start opening before the documentary begins.

As well as this I added in the necessary credits acknowledging any game footage used, the media footage used and naming those whose interviews feature in the documentary. Apart from these aspects the editing process was much the same as previously until it was completed totalling somewhere over 50 hours for editing over the post production cycle.

I then rendered the piece and placed it online for the viewing of lecturers and peers.

Feedback from lecturers of FMP

The feedback from lecturers after viewing the piece was incredibly positive. The head of the media department was incredibly impressed with the scope of the product and felt it was well put together and followed a cohesive narrative and had professional level editing.

My tutor, who has been most involved with feedback over the creation process, was also impressed with the project and had some feedback in terms of improvements for future reference. In some cases it was noted that the interviewees would make a point and then carry on speaking then reiterating the point, this was not always necessary and could have been cut earlier on. There were also a few points where some edits and transitions were not as clean as they could of been with one interviewee being cut off while saying “and”. All the issues with the piece that were raised are totally valid and also aspects I noticed myself when watching it back, but due to time constraints with the editing process was unable to fix as rendering time was around 5 hours. I have reflected upon this feedback in more detail in the final evaluation in the FMP portfolio.

Problems faced

The main problems this week came down to the amount of time editing and rendering took up.

Another problem I had was that the audio in several of the clips had lowered in quality for an unknown reason and I could not revert it to its original quality. This affected all the clips featuring the safeguarding officer and several other clips found throughout the project file.

How were they overcome

With the time issue the major solution to this was through have previous planned out my schedule and working toward the final deadline since the beginning of the project. As I had been generous with time to allow for issues such as editing taking longer than expected I had been able to start the process earlier and since being ahead in all other areas of the project could dedicate more time to the editing process. I also rendered the piece overnight so it did not interfere with any other work that needed to be completed after the project was completed.

With regards to the audio issue the work around was long and tedious. I had to delete each clip individually that was affected and then re cut the clip from the original files. It took approximately an hour to go through and complete this, which while doesn’t seem much in the grand scheme of the project was still problematic as I was just about to render before this occurred. It wasn’t a major issue and again since I had been ahead in other areas of the project I had time I could allocate to resolving this issue.

Evaluation of work completed this week

As this was the final week of work towards the project I have reflected upon the product as a whole in the final evaluation in the FMP document rather than reflecting upon this week individually as it was mainly the same as the previous post. The evaluation covers the editing process extensively.

Next week’s itinerary

  1. Complete the final evaluation
  2. Ensure all work in FMP portfolio is completed
  3. Submit work and wait for feedback
  4. Once feedback is received make any necessary changes

Was work completed in reference to plan/am I on track

The project is now completed and I have managed to go into the final week with all work completed to the individual deadlines set for myself. The only work left to complete is the final evaluation and ensure the work for the FMP portfolio has been all been completed to a high standard.

*Please note – there will be no evaluation of work completed for the final week (Week 10) as it will be completing the final evaluation which can be found in the FMP directory.

FMP: Week 9 Summary

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