FMP: Week 5 Summary

What work was completed this week?

This week was predominantly spent ensuring all my records were up to date for the written side of the project. This included mostly ensuring all my release forms had been signed for my production log and ensuring all information necessary had been included in my production log tracking my progress and making sure it was laid out appropriately.

Aside from this there was also a lot of planning in regards to the last few interviews before I begin the editing process for the project. I have also been considering adding some voice over or piece to camera segments to give the piece more structure so I may consider scripting up a draft over the next week.

Due to several interviewees being unavailable two interviews have been moved to week 6. This has been problematic and I am beginning to see the issues of relying on people for interviews when creating a documentary, especially when I am the only one working on the project.

I was only able to conduct one interview this week and it was very effective. It covered a different viewpoint I had not gathered, from the perspective of someone with knowledge of the gaming industry yet still holds them accountable without being overly apologetic. This interview reflected my own viewpoint and I found this interesting while discussing this element with my tutor, as I was very pleased to have a way to include my own views without being interviewed myself. In a way this subjects the documentary to a form of selection bias in terms of what I choose to include in the final cut. This whole element of bias is one I had not considered prior to this as I was continually interviewing more and more people to try and get the answers I wanted to include in my documentary. In a way this will have affected the questions I ask, how I’ve asked them and what I will likely end up using in the final cut. Such as with written articles, documentaries have specific angels due to which information they include and to a similar extent what they omit.

Problems faced

As discussed again I had issues with people cancelling and moving interviews. One interview I have had planned for over a month tried to move the date at the last minute. This was incredibly frustrating as I had structured my work for this week around the interview being when it was.

Other issues I’ve had is not being able to work at college, this is predominantly due to the fact I cannot analyse and evaluate my video files for my production log without access to them. As the college computers have little to no free storage for my video files.

Other than these two issues the week has been fairly free from issues.

How they were overcome

In terms of the issues with interviews I explained to the interviewee that I would be unable to move the date but was open to moving the time which he was very understanding of and therefore we moved the time to be slightly later to allow him to complete any work he would need to. The other interviews have all been rescheduled for Thursday and Friday during week 6.

In terms of the issues working at college I have been doing what work I can at college and doing home study where I can for the work I cannot otherwise do at college.

Evaluation of work completed this week

The work completed this week was done efficiently and to a good standard. I actually found myself having little to do as I was limited in what I could until I could film more in order to have more work to reflect on in my production log.

The interview I conducted this week I feel was of a very good standard. I am very pleased with how the interview went and how it was conducted. I was able to use natural lighting and this meant it was much easier to get a good well lit shot rather than having to alter white balance settings on the camera. The answers given were very open and honest and clearly showed the interviewee’s broad knowledge of the games industry, I feel this was due to well structured questions for the interview as this was the first interview where I had rewritten the interview questions specifically for this interviewee due to being a lecturer and therefore having a different angle which I could explore. I feel these interview questions in this regard was a great asset to this weeks interview.

The framing of the shot was of professional interview standards and the office itself was laid out prior to the interview to look more specialised for the interview with the inclusion of a gaming festival poster partially visible in the background (footage from which will also be present in the documentary).

There were a few aspects which I feel I could have improved on. The first of which was the fact that the office was close to the main college area in which many students are frequently walking through and talking. While there was little background noise it was still something I should have made more consideration in terms of picking an interview destination (although I was limited based on availability of rooms). Another aspect I feel I could have improved on would be on the fly questions based on answers given, while I did do this a few times I feel there were several avenues of discussion that I didn’t delve into in as much detail as I could have due to be wary about the length of the interview. In hindsight I should not have been so concerned of time as it is better to have too much footage than too little.

Overall I feel this weeks work was of a good quality but there were definitely areas to consider to improve on in future.

Next week’s itinerary

  1. Complete interview with other video game lecturer
  2. Complete interview with gaming student
  3. Continue to work through written work

Was work completed in reference to plan/ am  I on track?

Currently I am still on track to complete all work on time. In terms of my overall plan I am right on schedule and after this week should be done with filming and this will allow me to then move onto the post production phase in which I can begin the editing process.



FMP: Week 5 Summary

One thought on “FMP: Week 5 Summary

  1. tomrowse says:

    It is very enlightening as a reader to see how the decisions you make and the repercussions of those decisions have an impact on the project e.g. discovering the voice that relets your ideas/feelings is interesting to read and brings up issues that one would assume are on-going for documentary makers with regards to POV and bias.

    You could perhaps litter the blog with some specific examples of the questions, the answers and the visuals intended for the interview.

    A continuation of the high standards of analysis and evaluation, articulated creatively and effectively throughout. Detailed and coherent self-directed planning, subject engagement and commitment, all professionally communicated.


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