Unit 12: Research Report

Gaming Addiction Research Report

Focus group discussion (Primary research)

Unit 12: Research Report

3 thoughts on “Unit 12: Research Report

  1. tomrowse says:

    I have printed annotated your work and will give that to you asap. Where is the audio of the discussion we had in class? Have you identified a hypothesis e.g. ,the question/s we asked in the debate session

    Effectively identified research relevant to you own work and therefore demonstrates evidence of how it will impact on your theme: selection process; analysis of existing research in conjunction with your own ideas, critically evaluated in most areas (although you may want to explore the political and cultural aspects more)
    Thorough and effective evidence of the chosen medium, your influences and knowledge of the documentary making process and how it will impact on your own work and decision making.
    You have communicated ideas and arguments in a variety of forms: written, statistical, audio, primary secondary, qualitative and quantitative.
    the ideas are presented on an outstanding way, easy to follow, well structured, informative and well written.
    You have effectively communicated ideas in appropriate formats: presenting and analysing data using tables, charts, graphs, other visual representations of data, plus audio (when I can hear them) appendices, and references,

    Excellent work as usual.

    There are some minor spelling and grammatical errors (See annotations).
    One quote needs to be attributed to someone [?]See annotations
    Some themes could be elaborated on with regards to the political and cultural context e.g. location and traditional political views, racism and inequality, slavery, what Nazi politics are?

    You write: “less professional” – consider rewording
    thought out shots – all film makers think about the composition of a scene – some are more stylistic than others, but thought does go into this.

    How will you deal with problems or compromise?
    Perhaps you should mention how you might solve too much footage, balancing the interviews and footage with your own social experiment in the time you have given yourself.

    there is more annotated on the printed versions.


    1. I’ll try and sort the audio issues today so you’ll be able to hear the notes. The class discussion I will hopefully have uploaded today, I just need to edit it out and upload it along side the original research project. I will make sure to make the alterations you have suggestions after looking through your annotations. Thank you for the feedback


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