Week 10: Unit 10 Final Products

Monster Cards

Spell Cards

Card spread


Instruction manual

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Week 10: Unit 10 Final Products

One thought on “Week 10: Unit 10 Final Products

  1. tomrowse says:

    Celia Feedback:
    Scott you have really excelled in this submission and uploaded your final product and evaluation to meet the deadline. Well done. Your research into the target audience has really helped you to refine your product to engage with a child. The spell cards are particularly effective and magical which I feel would appeal to a child. You have remained professional throughout the module, even though it has been a frustrating journey at times – especially trying to art direct your illustrator and obtain high resolution illustrations. You have also experimented and developed the artwork, such as trying different backgrounds.

    Overall an excellent submission and my only suggestions is that more image experimentation at the early stages of the project would produce a larger range of illustrative approaches before settling on one approach. Plus, as we discussed, ensuring the imagery isn’t too masculine and frightening for younger children. Perhaps introducing a more feminine character with a softer and more gentle persona.


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