Week 8: Unit 9 project weekly summary (Greg)

Summary of work completed this week

Due to having completed unit 1.1, 1.2 and 2.1 for this project, I focused mainly this week on creating the first draft of my article and spoken word. Upon completely my first draft of the spoken word I then evaluated my work critically after comparing it to professional standard work. I then took this into account and redrafted the piece. I then e-mailed the second draft to my voice actor contact to receive feedback as he has done spoken word pieces in the past as well as professionally paid voice work. I have included the first drafts of the spoken word, evaluation, article draft and feedback from my contact below.

This week was very productive and I made a lot of progress towards my final pieces. The article will likely be finished next week and finalised. The spoken word piece will be edited slightly but due to positive feedback from peers and my contact I will only be making moderate structural changes and word choices.

The work I completed was of a good standard. I will likely have the final drafts off both completely next week. I will then be able to work on the audio piece for my spoken word with my contact. This will leave me with plenty of time to complete an evaluation and finish my project by my original deadline of the 16th of December.

Spoken Word Work

Article Work

Contact Feedback

“Hey Scott,

Damn this was really moving and enjoyable. I’ve already got a nice rhythm going in my head.
What I will say is don’t be afraid to abbreviate. As much as the language of poetry is very fantastical and melodic, spoken word still needs to sound in a way like a conversation of some sort. So look closely when you write “I am.” and “I’m” and decide which sounds more real and conversational.

Also, a great piece for you to listen to is To This Day by Shane Koyczan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltun92DfnPY
If this doesn’t get your creative juices flowing then nothing will.

I hope you keep working on this, it’s really great.”

Week 8: Unit 9 project weekly summary (Greg)

One thought on “Week 8: Unit 9 project weekly summary (Greg)

  1. tomrowse says:

    Effective, succinct recording of progress and development.
    Does the fact that the 2nd draft has very little punctuation make a difference to the way it is read. I like the fact that the line: Learning is fun Learning is Fun Learning is fun
    doesn’t have any commas – and adds to the tension tone and impact of the line.
    Wroth exploring for future writing. See Cormac McCarthy All The Pretty Horses where he plays with the syntax and use of punctuation to add to the visual connotations of the descriptive writing e.g. in one passage describing horses movement he doesn’t use punctuation thus giving us the image of the horses picking up pace. It is extraordinary writing.


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