Week 7: Unit 10 Celia

Production log:

This week was very productive in terms of creating the final product. I also used this time to experiment with different colour pallets and designs in order to create a more feminine design for one of my cards due to peer and tutor feedback.

In terms of creating the layout I have the final product for all three spell cards. I feel these have been very effective as they use bright colours for the background but are not overly complicated. They contrast well with the bright border and the minimalist use of the parchment effect for the text makes a clear distinction. The uniformed nature of the design sets them well apart from the monster (‘encounter’) cards.

There were slight issues due to the resolution of the cards. Some of the cards while editing look less high quality than others and this is mainly due to the low resolution of the images themselves. This is due to the images being created in a less professional software due to illustrator not being able to access more professional software such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. While this has been a slight issue this is more noticeable while editing than outside of editing.

After a brief discussion with the illustrator he was able to resize the images a further 5x the size they currently are and this has increased the quality substantially. I will be reapplying the new higher resolution images during my taught sessions on Wednesday.

Choose your own adventure skeletal layout


Card layouts

Currently I have been experimenting with changing the colour scheme of the cards backgrounds and that of the monsters themselves. This will increase variation and also allows me to create more effeminate cards using different colours. This creates variation in the cards.  As can be seen with the different variation of the Ogre card at the bottom of the above selection. I have used a pink layer mask to change the hue to of the Ogre to purple to appeal after receiving feedback that all the creatures looked masculine and could possibly not appeal to girls. This was also done in an attempt to further distinguish the monster from the background. I feel this will be furthered when I apply the higher resolution images next week.

I have further experimented with colour layout in terms of altering the background colours to make the monsters stand out more, however this will be evidenced in next week’s blog once I have more examples.

The background for all these cards have been created by using image trace on illustrator of existing images to create a stylised background to suit the cards.

Original images used for background

<Will upload when next at college>

 Creation of instruction manual

Instruction manual print scrn.png

For my instruction manual I have been inspired by the sectional based layout from my mood board last week. I have created the basic outline and now that I have higher resolution images can begin next week on filling in all necessary images and text. I also created a logo using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create a brand identify which I feel will appeal to the adults buying the game by showing an educational aspect.


This week I also typed up the questions I will be applying to the question cards. This layout will be created next week also.

Card Questions

Am I on track?

Currently according to original set deadlines I am effectively on track. For the most part the card designs are finished with only moderate alterations to be made (such as swapping in the newer high resolution images with the current). Other then this I simply need to create a simple question card layout and the instruction manual. The more stylised instruction manual is currently working as an extension as I already have a differently styled existing instruction manual. Therefore for the most part the project is effectively finished with only these slight alteration to make. The decision to not include the choose your own adventure story line has been very effective at ensuring I do not spread myself too thin. Showing a simple mind map to explain how the process would work for a pitch works in a much better way to present my idea visually and gives me plenty of time to work on creating higher quality work for the other aspects of the game itself.

At my current work rate I should finish well within the allotted schedule I have set myself leaving myself more than enough time to evaluate.


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<Will update when back at college>

Week 7: Unit 10 Celia

One thought on “Week 7: Unit 10 Celia

  1. tomrowse says:

    Celia Feedback:
    Cards are looking very effective. Make sure the headings are legible on all cards e.g Ogre and Mimic card headings look too small. Remember your target audience are young children and some may have learning difficulties so it is vital that all the headings are legible as a learning resource.

    For example you could blend the top into a solid colour using ‘Gradient Feather’ in InDesign (go to fx and choose gradient feather – ensure you have a solid colour behind) or use colour layers and masks in Photoshop. Or sit the heading outside the image area as below…


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