Week 6: Unit 10 (Celia)

Peer feedback

This week I received a lot of peer feedback. Firstly it was suggested to me to go for a more child friendly design for my instruction manual. This will be done in InDesign in the coming weeks. I created a moodboard (seen below) which will be used to inspire the design of my instruction manual. It was suggested to go for a more info graphic design rather than plain instructions in order to further appeal to the children.

Another piece of feedback related to the font. Some people felt that the text should be partially pixilated in order to better fit in with the design style. However upon implementing this, it looked unprofessional as it looked like the image had not been rendered correctly.

More feedback related to the colour pallet. After a long period of trial and error with multiple pallets I decided to change my design completely. I firstly edited the image to have rounded edges as originally planned. I changed the border to be block colour as after looking at my previous card mood board it appeared all card games for children used a block colour. In order to appeal to the children I picked yellow as this is used by Pokémon for their background and goes well with multiple different colours. It is also a gender neutral colour. I removed the background of parchment with a colour overlay and created a more stylised background myself which I have explained in more detail below.

Card design progress

This week I finalised the monster card design as seen below.

Goblin Warrior.png

I originally found it very difficult to create a card design I felt was original and presented itself in a way that the intended audience would enjoy.

I decided yellow was the best colour to use for the border due to the fact it is a gender neutral and bright colour and is also used in the Pokémon card game (The Pokémon Company, 1997).

I struggled with finding a solid background colour to use for my monster cards. After discussing with my peers and trying out several cards I felt that the images didn’t suit the plain background. Using previous skills from my tutorial on illustrator I then created a background using the image below to create a more cartoon style background.

I simply did a line trace with the colour option turned on. This then created a more stylised vector image. I took this and applied it to the card and then after some feedback from the illustrator moved and resized the image to ensure the perspective of the card accurately portrayed the size of the monster. The discussion with the illustrator regarding this card be found in the illustrator discussion section.

Instruction manual for game

Mood board for inspiration for implementing more stylised design in coming weeks:

Am I on track?

Currently I am on track to finish my project within the alloted time set out in my timetable. However, due to restrictions on my illustrator I have had to change my originally ammount of evidence to provide for the final piece.

Originally I intended to create 6 monster cards, an example of the question cards, 6 spell cards an instruction manual, an example of a choose your own adventure for the game and 3 character cards. Due to my illustrator having a high work load he has not had the opportunity to create all 6 spell cards and therefore I will be creating 3 examples rather than 6. The characters were also something that he was unable to create due to time constraints however he instead created class logos which will be used instead.

To summarise I will now be presenting evidence of:

  • 6 monster cards
  • 3 spell cards
  • Question card example
  • Class logos
  • Instruction manual
  • Possibly a choose your own adventure story.

The choose your own adventure creation will be quite time consuming and therefore this is more of an extension than a priority.

Illustrator Discussion

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Discover the forest, (n.d.). Image of a forest. [image] Available at: http://www.discovertheforest.org/images/hero/home/6.jpg [Accessed 9 Nov. 2016].

The Pokémon Company, (1997). Image of a Pokémon card. [image] Available at: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_EqYSOZLTe9s/S8D3tl28B2I/AAAAAAAAAHI/Mf-10o62wAg/s1600/90-misty’s-psyduck.jpg [Accessed 16 Nov. 2016].

Week 6: Unit 10 (Celia)

One thought on “Week 6: Unit 10 (Celia)

  1. tomrowse says:

    Celia Feedback:
    Excellent progress Scott. I particularly like the mood board suggestion for the instruction sheet as the infographic approach is very current and contemporary. It would also work well online if your game ended up as an online app as the infographic could have be interactive with links/animation to explain the game. Still hoping to see a more feminine character for the younger children.


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