Week 2: Research and Preparation Unit 10


I again went through the idea generating process in terms of format and subject matter. Below is evidence of a spider diagram done during a lecture.

IMG_1344 (1).JPG

I have also contacting a friend in regards to doing the artwork for my project. He has agreed to do the artwork and even some subtle animation if I wished to take it further.

fullsizerenderFullSizeRender (1).jpg

In the coming days and weeks I will be giving him more description in terms of style for the drawings and give basic outlines which I shall document on my blog.

This project I intend to create will incorporate fantasy creatures and style based around Dungeons and Dragons. This is due to survey responses of the children often preferring books and television shows without human protagonists, therefore I felt a fantasy setting for my learning resource would be ideal. While I have still not centred around whether the format would be card based, board game or book related but feel these three elements would be the best. This is due to the interactive element allowing children to be involved in the learning in order to retain their attention. I feel that this would work best in a game based format in order to encourage interaction and allow the children to enjoy the learning experience.

I have also created some concept art as to how the cards would look for the card concept. I will be sending this to my artist to ask his opinion on layout as he has experience in card game creation and layout design.


I have also thought about how this could translate into a board game. I have a basic layout design concept however upon looking back later feel the design is flawed. It looks very straightforward and boring and will likely not engage the children. While the gameplay element I do believe would engage the children. I am currently leaning more towards the card based story telling variant of my idea as apposed to a board game due to practicality and time.

The boarder is something I’ve noticed as a type of design aesthetic seen in many different card based games. The abilities are something I think would allow the child interactivity with the game through choice to use. The name section at the bottom will be laminated so that the child can write their name on each time encouraging literary based skills. The learning element from this method will come from the various story based games and could also be opened up to parents/ teachers to create their own once they have used up the available stories. This also opens up a potential future market for creating more stories which could be sold as additional content packs. Such as with the game Rush Hour.

ThinkFun_Rush_Hour_3.png (Bright Beans, n.d.)

Who created additional content packs with their limo addition with additional cards.

38506.gif(Mastermind Toys, n.d.)


Bright Beans, (n.d.). The board game Rush Hour. [image] Available at: http://www.brightbeans.co.za/thinkfun-rush-hour.html [Accessed 29 Sep. 2016].

Mastermind Toys, (n.d.). Image of Limo card set addition for the Rush Hour board game. [image] Available at: http://www.mastermindtoys.com/RUSH-HOUR-GAME-Card-Set-3.aspx [Accessed 29 Sep. 2016].


Week 2: Research and Preparation Unit 10

One thought on “Week 2: Research and Preparation Unit 10

  1. tomrowse says:

    You are making great progress with this project! Lets see lost of examples of existing games cards such as :

    Then try at least five different layouts yourself. What range of colours will you use? Will there be a different colour for each group/action etc. Can you create some exciting Photoshop backgrounds to combine with the provided illustrations..

    Remember you only have 7 more sessions so I would encourage your colleague to produce a sample illustration very soon to prevent any issues going forward as your whole project relies on him.


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