Final Major Project: Week 6 Summary

What was done this week? (Unit 8 3.1, Unit 8 4.1)

As stated last week the primary focus of this week was the finish the first draft of my articles in order to receive feedback. This was vital due to the half term break being next week inhibiting my ability to receive feedback from my tutors.

Having received the feedback on my research and asset files with it being deemed distinction level, I was confident going forward using my research. Writing both articles were both very easy to complete and were done in a timely manner. Due to the large amount of information gathered through my asset file and research pack I had no issues with content with which to write my articles. Due to my research into tone and style of writing I found emulating the writing format very simply and easy to achieve.

Having received feedback both during and after the creation of my first draft for my review I was informed the tone was of a good standard. After having it proof read and receiving feedback on the content I was informed little changes needed to be made. After having added a sentence at the end to explain a statement I’d made and ensuring the grammar and spelling were all correct the final draft was completed the same day.

After having finally completed the other article I then added it into the layout. Noticing the text didn’t all fit I reworded a few sentences and simplified a few sentences. After which I then increased the size of the columns very slightly with not visually noticeable distinction except that the text now all fit perfectly. Once the page numbers and the images have been added the final version will be complete and ready to export as a PDF.

The second article in question was also quick to write up. Due to the nature of gamesTM, the article was quick and simply to write as it was primarily quote based. Again this was thanks to my research pack that this was so quick and easy to accomplish. Thanks to previous connections to a game developer with an extensive understanding of the greenlight system as a whole and the knowledge of marketing and advertisement this gave great insight and allowed me to have a solid basis for my article.

The feedback for this on the whole was positive, the main points being that a slight restructuring would allow for more fluid reading. The fully feedback has yet to be given back with the physical notes but I can expect this back after half term.

I looked into my front cover more in depth in terms of what I would need to change when creating the front cover for my piece. I realised the colour scheme would need to be changed for mine as well as some aspects of the layout would not work due to the nature of the cover image I intend to use. As front covers changes on a basis of what the title image is this is not an issue.

I was also able to easily write up the production log of what has been completed so far.

Was everything completed on time – if not why? (Unit 8 3.1, Unit 8 4.1)

This week was successful in terms of completing everything on time. While the initial change to my overall schedule worried me at first I quickly realised it would not be a problem. I am now back on track to complete the project on time.

Next weeks itinerary (Unit 8 3.1)

  1. Obtain images for fallout 4 review using screenshots
  2. Finalise review article layout
  3. Begin front cover piece

Skills practiced (Unit 8 3.1, Unit 8 4.1)

All skills practiced this week were related to the writing of my articles. This included taking facts and applying them in a manner that does not bore or overwhelm the reader, an important skill for a reviewer in the games industry and video game journalism as a whole.

The other skills required were the use of applying knowledge of my demographic to my writing style. This is a vital skill important to be implemented by all journalists in any field. It is important to write something that the target audience wishes to read. In my case I was able utilise my demographic research and apply this to my articles through the use of colloquial language and  gamer friendly terms.

Naturally skills such as proof reading and basic literacy skills were required. As with anyone who works in the industry with any form of writing, being able to ensure what has been written can be followed is vital. The use of appropriate spelling and grammar is a base level necessity.

Finally as with every week time management has been key. A basic deadline for the work relating to units 8 1.1, 8 2.1, 8 2.2, was set for this week. Due to having my own personal timeline with weekly deadlines I had already completed this before the allocated deadline putting me in an excellent position in terms being ahead. Due to following my personal set deadlines I have ensured I will finish all work on time and that my deadline will be met. This is vital when working in journalism due to the deadline heavy nature of the industry. Being able to work to set deadlines is also vital with freelance work and when working with breaking news in the local media and worldwide news industries.

Final Major Project: Week 6 Summary

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