Final Major Project: Week 5 Summary

What was done this week? (Unit 8 2.1, Unit 8 2.2, Unit 8 3.1, Unit 8 4.1)

The primary focus this week was on ensuring the research pack was finalised and formally written up in its entirety. This was a lot more time consuming than initially planned, however due to the being ahead of schedule this did not affect me too badly.

The major research that was conducted this week was regarding formally writing up my analysis of the publications, this was done by using images of the physical magazines. I then analysed the layouts taking apart how and why they were laid out in that style, this related to the gamesTM layout, PC Gamer review layout and the PC Gamer front cover. I also looked into finding relevant images to use for my from cover.

Aside from this I also received feedback relating to my proposal, this related to the sentence structure not reading as fluidly as intended. Using the feedback as a prompt I reformatted the sentence structure of the proposal and uploaded a final version. There was also a query about Harvard Referencing however this was discussed and found to be a non issue as it was completed correctly.

I also discussed my layouts and showed the skeleton layouts to my tutor, I was told they looked professional and looked into changing the font for the game title in red on the PC Gamer layout. I also discussed similarities of Fallout 4’s companion mechanic comparative to games from the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchise in regards to it being fairly behind in companion interactivity in previous entries to the franchise. This discussion proved very useful for my review. This feedback is documented below in a photo of my learning development plan.

I also was asked for my articles in order to be looked at to receive feedback, due to this I will be bringing forward the writing of both articles to next week and rescheduling accordingly.


Was everything completed on time – if not why? (Unit 8 3.1, Unit 8 4.1)

While I was able to finally formalise my final research pack I was unable to finish my production log. This was due to the research pack being a lot more time consuming to create, however due to what has already been completed of the production log it will not be an issue to quickly finish what needs to be done next week. I was able to begin the gamesTM article – this was more in formally planning out what needs to be included and doing further analysis in writing style and tone of the intended publication. Having brought forward when the articles need to be completed I have changed the overall plan of my initial timetable but since it is only bringing the article writing forward I am confident this will not impact my progress this week in terms of completing what is required.

Next weeks itinerary (Unit 8 3.1)

  1. Ensure both articles are written up in draft
  2. Receive feedback on articles
  3. Complete what is necessary up to this point for the production log.
  4. (Extension) – Begin work on front cover using photoshop

Skills practiced (Unit 8 2.1, Unit 8 2.2, Unit 8 4.1)

As this week was predominantly writing up my research pack all the skills used this week were solely relating to research and analysis.

The major skills used in this week were analysis. This is important as an skill in industry as being able to look at other work both from the same publication and competitors and gaining an understanding of what is popular and more importantly what sells to their target demographic. Regarding this I looked into the publications chosen layouts in order to take apart the layout and find the relevance of each section in order to construct my own layout to emulate those existing in the publications. This also went for the tone and writing style of those published by the magazine.

I found analysis for the reviews in PC Gamer much harder due to the fact that there are very different writing styles and tones for different writers. This is due to the personal nature of a review being an opinion piece.

I also did fact checking this week and Harvard referenced accordingly this is an important skill to use as it is vital for journalists both researching and writing in order to make sure what is printed is factual and does not misrepresent any information. This is imperative from both a legal standpoint and for distributing accurate information to the publications readership.

Final Major Project: Week 5 Summary

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