Final Major Project: Week 4 Summary

What was done this week? (Unit 8 3.1) 

Despite this week being shorter due to the bank holiday Monday (meaning I was unable to access InDesign software to continue with my project) I was able to stick to my schedule and complete all the work planned.

This week I focused entirely on creating my layouts. They are the basic skeleton layouts with black boxes signifying images and the text boxes all having placeholder text. However the layouts are both entirely complete in terms of what has to be included.

I was able to fully replicate the PC Gamer review layout exactly as shown in the physical publication down to near millimeter accuracy. The layout looks just as professional as the layout normally used for Game Reviews for the publication.

The GamesTM layout was a lot easier and quicker to put together. As the sections were larger and there was less stylised sections (such as no pull quote or formatting a page to be covered in images of varying sizes as with PC Gamer). The layout again looks professional and based off an existing spread in a previous GamesTM issue which I have adapted slightly (in terms of changing pictures included).

With both layouts one thing I could not emulate entirely is the font. Due to not having access to the font they actually use in the magazine due to being limited by what is installed on the college computers.

I also received an email regarding my developer interview where he answered all questions posed with great detail and gave you excellent information for my Steam Greenlight article.

I am very pleased with how progress is going and am definitely on track to finish on time, if not a little early. I received feedback this week also on my asset file being informed by my tutor that it was of distinction level quality and informed verbally my layouts looked professional.

Was everything completed on time – if not why? (Unit 8 3.1, Unit 8 4.1)

This week I had no issues with timing. Despite wanting to complete one layout that I had already begun and begin work on the other, I managed to complete both layouts in just 1 day with professional looking results. This means I can begin work on the articles themselves next week as well as focusing on my formal write ups for my production log which currently documents the process of creating my layouts. Even though the week was shorter with the bank holiday I am now ahead of schedule.

Next weeks itinerary (Unit 8 3.1)

Due to having work experience next week I will be carrying out these tasks the following week rather than next week. This has all be planned for and taken into account when creating my timetable.

  1. Formally finish the research write up
  2. Formally finish the Production log write up
  3. Begin work on GamesTM article

I am expecting I will likely complete all this during the week and also begin work on the game review as well however that is not the main aim of the week.

Skills practiced (Unit 8 3.1, Unit 8 4.1)

The skills practiced this week were very much the same as those last week. Again time management was crucial, more so this week due to the loss of Monday due to the bank holiday. However, due to having planned for this in my timetable I was able to easily complete all work set for myself this week.

I was able to actually complete both layouts which was more than I had intended to complete this week. This has put me ahead of schedule and am continuing to work on schedule an reaching all deadlines.

Again maths was an important skill in terms of measuring the layouts so I could recreate them effectively in order to get the dimension right, this varies from the page size itself to the size of the headline to the length of division lines.

There were also computer skills in working with the InDesign software. While last week was much slower having had the practice I found I managed to work a lot faster with the software especially after looking into some tutorials (which are referenced in my production log).

Again analytical skills and research skills were required due to the nature of creating an article for an existing publication. Following the style guide in the creation of the layout and using my research log I have been able to apply this in the creation of my layouts.

I am very pleased with the other all final design and only have to apply images and the final draft of the articles which have yet to be written. I have received positive verbal feedback on all work completed so far and am very pleased with my current progress.

I will continue to apply the feedback received both verbally and written in order to achieve the best quality final product possible.


Final Major Project: Week 4 Summary

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