Final Major Project: Week 3 Summary

What was done this week? (Unit 8 2.1, Unit 8 2.2, Unit 8 4.1)

The major accomplishment of this week was the successful completion of my pitch. The feedback given was that it was a “resounding success” (as documented in my learning progress tracker and evidenced in my learning development plan as shown below) and was verbally given feedback that the project was thoroughly researched. While my pitch was not visually stimulating due to not having a formal presentation, preferring instead to have a more informal conversation with reference to hand outs relating to my research, I believe this was a good method for presenting my project due to being able to physically show evidence of my research. The main reason for this is purely due to the fact that I wished to spend more time on beginning the project and finalising research.

While I am still writing up some of the research in terms of documentation all research has been completed in entirety. This will likely be written up outside of college time over the next few weeks so I can focus the majority of my time on the final products. I also believe I have now put in enough time into Fallout 4 to give my review of the game with 30+ hours of play time (a well accepted number of hours for a game of this size considering its AAA status)(Wilde, 2016). I have also put a few hours into the previous iterations in order to compare. I simply have to write up my final review at the appropriately scheduled time using my notes on my home PC. Finally I am still waiting back on a response from the indie developer regarding the interview. However, he has contacted me via Twitter to inform me he intends to respond sometime during the weekend.

This week focused again on research, this time instead focusing mainly on documenting research in my research log. I focused much more on layouts this week and begun taking notes on the dimensions of the PC Gamer layout. This consisted of height, width, offset X and offset Y, this allowed me to easily enter sections of the layout and know they were millimeter exact replicas of a typical review layout. This was essential for a PC Gamer review layout as they all adhere to a specific format.

For the most part this week I was creating my layout. I found having measured all the aspects before creating the layout saved a lot of time and made the process much more cohesive and fluid with little need to look up anything. The only time I had to stop work on the layout was to quickly Google a tutorial or two in order to do something specific (which are documented in my production log).


Was everything completed on time – if not why? (Unit 8 3.1, Unit 8 4.1)

Due to sickness limited my contact time in college and ability to work to a good standard I had less time this week to work. However, despite this I managed to make substantial progress on my first layout, which will easily be completed next week. Unfortunately I was unable to finish documenting my research. While the research itself is completed I still need to fully document the whole process. This is not really an issue as it is something that can be completed here and there over the next few weeks in my spare time at home so as not to take time away from creating my final products. Essentially everything is still very much on schedule and will easily meet all required deadlines set both by myself and agreed with my tutor.

Next weeks itinerary (Unit 8 3.1)

  1. Continue to document research
  2. Finish PC Gamer review layout
  3. Begin GamesTM layout
  4. Continue to document progress made towards my project’s final products in production log

Skill used this week (Unit 8 2.1, Unit 8 2.2, Unit 8 4.1)

This week again had skills focusing primarily in research, presentation and layout design.

In terms of research, I again had to use interview etiquette with the game developer when discussing when the interview would be completed. This required me to be polite and not sound demanding of his response. He was very accommodating and happy to oblige me.

In terms of presentation skills this was through my pitch. While my pitch was only a fraction of my week, it was vitally important. This was important for showing my competence and understanding of criteria 8 1.1, 2.1, 2.2, in terms of showing that I fully understood what was required of me for my project, how I would go about accomplishing that and what research I had done and intended to do. This was to show I was knowledgeable enough about the subject to complete my project on the chosen topics. I also had to get across my project in a condensed verbal format to show I fully understood what was required of me. This meant communicating my idea to someone who had no knowledge of the subject matter and convince them I was capable of completing my chosen project.

Time management was important this week in terms of working around my sickness and making use of non contact time at college. This was essential in order to get the most use out of the InDesign Software at college.

Finally there were design skills. Predominantly this boiled down to basic math skills. As I find being artistic challenging in order to be innovative (to achieve my target distinction level standard) I have to turn design layouts into a format I could fully comprehend. This basically meant measuring out all the areas of the layout and turn everything into a numerical format which I could then just simply enter it into InDesign software and have it easily recreate the layout. This way I can apply changes to the final layout based around my specific review. It also allows me to get a good idea of the amount of words the review requires. This was very successful and has come along very well. Currently the first page has been completed.


Wilde, T. (2016) Locked up. PC Gamer, (291), pp.86-87

Final Major Project: Week 3 Summary

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