Final Major Project: Week 2 Summary

What was done this week? (Unit 8 1.1, Unit 8 2.1,)

Due to the planning stage taking longer than anticipated I worked on completing my asset file and preparing for the pitch next week. This went well and was completed in a timely manner with no issues.

Upon completing my asset file I then began to focus on my research. To begin with I spent a few hours this week reading through the PC Gamer magazine I have been using as a template for my review article. From reading the articles they are all written in a similar format and due to last weeks research I am fully aware of how to layout the review visually.

During the week I acquired a copy of EDGE, as a competing gaming publication to GamesTM and PC Gamer, so I can analyse its writing style and layout compared to the other two publications.

In terms of research I looked heavily into Greenlight system in order to be well informed of how the system works and what necessary information I will require for my article. This is all documented in my research diary that will be uploaded upon completion.

I also e-mailed my questions to Larry Martin Jr as specified last week to get his opinion on the Greenlight system to use in my article.  A copy of the email can be found below.

Interview questions

For the interview I made sure to use open questions in order to prompt discussion from the developer to really get a good idea of his opinions towards the system.

evidence of tweet

Upon sending the e-mail I sent him a message on Twitter in which I informed him I had sent the e-mail, this is due to Twitter being the primary contact method I have used with him in the past.

I have completed a lot of analysis in regards to the publications and their audience and layouts, over the next week I intend to write up my findings in my research diary to evidence this research.

(Unit 8 4.1)

The final major change I completed was to alter all citation in my asset file due to not having a reference as to where in the document I had used the information as I had not included this and made the bibliography confusing. This was done due to feedback and was corrected immediately, as referenced in the learning development plan seen below.


Was everything completed on time – if not why? (Unit 8 3.1, Unit 8 4.1)

In terms of completing my itinerary for last week I managed to completed all tasks set. I had no issues with the workload and continue to be on track in terms of self set deadlines. This week was mainly about doing research, next week I will be writing it up formally and beginning work on my first layout.

Next weeks itinerary (Unit 8 3.1)

  1. Write up research completed formally in research diary
  2. Perform idea pitch to college lecturers
  3. Begin layout for PC Gamer review

Skills used this week (Unit 8 1.1, Unit 8 4.1)

This weeks skill set predominantly related to research. This was mainly relating to how to acquire information from secondary and primary sources efficiently as well as fact checking.

In terms of using secondary research skills this related to what information I could find online regarding Steam Greenlight. This partially limited me while in college due to the category of games being blocked by the college. However, I was still able to gain a good amount of insight and fact check accordingly.

In terms of primary research skills this was based around analysis in terms of the subject material for the games review and secondly interview etiquette for the GamesTM article. When writing my e-mail I made sure to inform the interviewee how much I appreciated them taking time out to answer my questions and presented myself professionally.

While research skills were important as with every week I required good time management skills in order to keep on track with my self set deadlines. This also meant using my time efficiently while researching.

Finally this week had a focus on analysis, during my time researching I was required to analyse all information found in order to specify the relevance of the information and how this would impact my article. Understanding why the research is necessary is paramount to the formulation of a good coherent article. I must analyse information to find what information is essential for the article and what does not need to be included.

Final Major Project: Week 2 Summary

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