Final Major Project: Week 1 – Brief and UAL proposal sheet

Project Proposal (UAL project proposal brief sheet)

Pre-production notes (how I intend to hit each criteria)

Final Major Project: Week 1 – Brief and UAL proposal sheet

One thought on “Final Major Project: Week 1 – Brief and UAL proposal sheet

  1. tomrowse says:

    Context;You have written a very comprehensive proposal and have a very good understanding of the subject. Your proposal outlines clear aims, objects with evidence of how you will plan the project and the rational. You articulate your proposal in a professional way, emphasising purpose and clarity of what you hope to achieve. You demonstrate a good understanding of the skills requires in the industry, also your target audience is well thought through and is specific. Your pitch demonstrated a succinct clear, way echoing your understanding of the subject matter.
    You need to re-read your proposal for sentence structure.

    Research; You have independently investigated a range of sources with full insight, your strength of being very analytical when interpreting information has been demonstrated throughout the research documentation. You have evidenced the target audience and have validated this using research and data to back your statistics.
    Problem Solving; Your Production notes show that you have independently made decisions on how you are going to creatively meet the criteria. You have provided all the measurements for your spread and have problem solved in detail. Your asset folder shows evidence of solving issues as does your log book.

    Planning and production; A very comprehensive self-directed planning document, you have succinctly evaluated your plans against the aims and have given sufficient timescales. A realistic schedule along with a comprehensive understanding of the job roles you will undergoing. Please ensure all points are Harvard referenced correctly.

    NOTE: If you re-submit please make sure you upload the amended document and title it as Final submission (so that we can compare the two documents when marking).

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