News Diary 29 February – 6 March

Whats the news story?

As of March 3rd, Marvel Games will be adding new characters and content across its game titles on mobile, console and PC. This comes as part of Marvel celebrating their female heroes this month for their “Women of Power” event.

The games that are expecting to receive the new content will include; Lego Marvel Avengers, Avenger Academy and Marvel Puzzle Quest.

The event in questions is set to “celebrate[s] some of the most popular heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe, bringing them together in a unique way for the first time,” according to Peter Philips from the Interactive and Digital Distribution section of Marvel Entertainment. He went on to say that this month will feature “one of the most exciting events in the history of Marvel games”.

The whole idea focuses around the publishers push of its female characters, which alongside the gaming content will include:

  • 25 new comic covers featuring the most popular female characters from Marvel
  • New figures
  • New play sets
  • New collectibles

Which are set to include the most prolific characters of the fairer gender such as; Black Widow, Spider-Gwen and Kitty Pride.

Why is it news worthy?

This story is very big in both the gaming scene and entertainment as a whole. This push forward to celebrate female representation in Marvel is a very important for the comic and gaming industry as a whole.

As previously mentioned in a previous news diary, there has been controversial moves made in the gaming industry with the portrayal of women and over sexualisation. This naturally, coupled with the feminist movement having been discussed a lot in the last few years, makes this story a very interesting one for gaming.

Gaming has been gaining ever more credibility in recent years through being used for education as well as actually having aspects of it taught in schools, have presented it as a more accepted form of media.

Now it appears that Marvel with this event is helping to bring gaming into the public eye in a positive way again, by using its comics and games to promote their female characters. As there has been criticism leveled in the past of an under representation of strong female characters in both video games and comics. This event may help to remove the stigma set against the gaming crowd as misogynists and improve gaming’s overall profile.

This also links into the feminist movement in many ways, with its focus being on strong female characters in the Marvel Universe by dedicating the entire month of March to their “Women Of Power”.

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News Diary 29 February – 6 March

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