Project 2: Week 7 Summary

Radio production/post production summary

During this week I recorded and begin editing together my radio piece. I was able to complete all recorded needed and begin to edit together all the relevant clips and wild track.

In terms of production I recorded several vox pops to be included in my radio piece. I was happy with the outcome of them and they were of good sound quality. I didn’t encounter any real issues when recording them. I did several takes with one interview due to recording conditions – however, the person being interviewed did not have any issue with this and it only took about 2 minutes to do the 3 different takes.

In terms of the recording process I did this at home using my own equipment. Similarly with my video piece’s voice over I recorded it using my CAD USB studio condenser microphone with a pop filter. This produced good sound quality and I was very happy with the resulting audio. Due to having rehearsed the script it was a very simple process to record and was not time consuming in any way.

I again recorded this in audacity due to convenience and began the editing process using Sony Vegas 13 pro. While this is mainly software for video editing it also has very good audio editing capabilities, with being able to alter individual sound levels and simple cutting as with Audition. It also allows for rendering in an audio only format which allowed for a much simpler editing process for me due to my past experience with Sony Vegas, as well as having used it to edit audio in the past (as evidenced by this blog post).

While being able to ensure levels were of a good quality and re record specific sections if necessary, coupled with my previous experience with Sony Vegas allowed for a simple and fluid editing process.

I also, using feedback given on my post for the progression week and half term, in terms of my video piece managed to fix many of the editing errors and improved my piece overall. I am much happier with this second draft and I intend to re record the piece to camera also this week. Further explanation of this can be found here.

I also drafted up my 500 word article. I find that it reads more so like an essay and less like an article. I intend to get feedback and change it accordingly to be a more fluid and readable article.


vox pop evidence

project 2 article


To Do List

  1. Finish editing the audio piece
  2. Make any final changes to written article
  3. Re edit video piece including new piece to camera and render final
  4. Implement all elements into the final interactive piece

Evaluation of previous weeks to do list

In general, I am very much on track and could quite feasibly end up finishing the project early. While I was unable to re edit the video piece due to being away from home to get access to my project, I am still very much on track.

The radio piece will likely be completed by the end of this week if not by the beginning of next week and due to my extensive research the writing of the 500 word article should not be difficult or time consuming.

Other than the final edit of the video I was able to complete all other tasks set last week from my to do list to a good quality. I am expecting to begin writing the first draft of the article this week and complete it next week and combined with the other pieces in the final product well within the time allocated.

Project 2: Week 7 Summary

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