Project 2: Week 7 Video draft 2

After having taken on board comments made about my first draft I have taken these into account and re edited some of the areas specified.

This include changing the lighting in post production, re editing some cuts and removing fades and re recording some of the audio.

I intend to re-shoot the piece to camera tomorrow however have cleaned up the audio slightly in this draft regardless. All other changes that were suggested have been implemented. The only issue that I could not resolve is that of the poorly framed interview with Stuart Dodd, this was partly due to limited space and so I struggled to frame the shot correctly. If I had the time (or if I were to do this again) I would re shoot this interview.

I am aware there is a shot where it focuses then goes back out of focus, this has been corrected however due to rendering times etc… I thought it best to upload this version before editing in the revised piece to camera as I intend that to be the final draft.

Project 2: Week 7 Video draft 2

3 thoughts on “Project 2: Week 7 Video draft 2

  1. tomrowse says:

    LEASA: A strong video; with a variety of interviews and information as well as examples from the games. You use of journalistic skills through the interview’s and voice over is to a near professional standard. You have taken on board the feedback both Tom and I gave you as per your blog post and therefore you have evaluated well.

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