Project 2: Week 6 Summary

Radio pre-production summary

Due to having completed the video portion of the project this week I began to create my radio piece. This week I focused on acquiring more research so as to not repeat information shown in my video piece. I decided to angle this more to present the negative side of the argument to counteract the positive argument towards gaming in the video piece. This way I will have presented both sides of the argument in equal relevance and then I will be having the article as factual information to achieve neutrality overall.

Firstly I created my base outline script using the research (see reference list below), and then creating a timing outline for the piece similar to the format of the shooting script. I did this by reading aloud my script one sentence at a time and timing each and then adding it to the script, this allowed me to edit sections of the script to be shorter or longer as necessary to fill the 2 minute time slot. Doing this also allowed me to effectively rehearse the script and get a sense of the pace I will need to read the script when recording.

I also downloaded a sound effect from the game Death Race with is discussed in my piece. I also made preparations to book out a Zoom mic in order to record vox pops for the editing process next week. Due to the having a lot of game footage from the video recording I will likely use audio from that for my wild track and this puts me in a very good position time wise. Likely I will possibly be able to have the radio piece recorded and edited by the end of next week, putting me ahead of my planned schedule.

Radio piece script

PRODUCTION Radio Project

Next week itinerary 

  1. Rehearse script for radio piece
  2. Record radio piece using home equipment
  3. Rip audio from video recordings to use for wildtrack
  4. Write up questions and record vox pop interviews
  5. Tighten up editing on video piece and render final draft

Evaluation of previous weeks to do list

I fully completed what I have set myself out to do last week by completing my radio script. I have put myself in a good place time wise for completion of the project with a likelihood of completing it sooner than planned. This means I will be able to allocate more time to the creation of the web layout for the final project and hope to be able to begin planning the layout of this soon as I already have an idea in mind.

I am very pleased with my overall script and intend to have it read through to double checked to ensure its quality. It may be possible to actually record the radio script this week provided the script receives good feedback, however, I would prefer to wait until after having the vox pops in question so I can alter times and scripting if necessary dependent on the timing of the audio.


Research reference list

Kelly, H. (2015)

Do video games cause violence?

Available at: (Accessed 23 February 2016)


Nation Coalition Against Censorship

Available at: (Accessed 23 February 2016)


Sifferlin, A. (2015)

Violent Video Games Are Linked to Aggression, Study Says

Available at: (Accessed 23 February 2016)


American Psychological Association (2015)

Available at: (Accessed: 23 February 2016)


Stuart, K. (2014)

Video games are not making us more violent, study shows

Available at: (Accessed 23 February 2014)


Project 2: Week 6 Summary

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