Progression Week Project Summary

Due to doing an equal amount of work towards my project during the half term I will be discussing work done both during progression week and this week.

Production and post-production summary

During the progression week I finished off live recordings for my project. This consisted of about 6 different takes of various length and detail. In some of this footage I was standing to the right of the frame (abiding by the rule of thirds) in order to edit in the statistics I’m discussing to the left of me which I indicate to in the footage. I did multiple takes in order to have footage that can take up different amounts of time depending on how the rest of the footage fills the two minute time requirement.

Most of the work done during progression week was house keeping in preparation in order to efficiently enter the post production stage for the video portion of the project allowing me to finish this during half term and focus entirely on the radio piece and 500 word article. This included double checking the quality of all footage to ensure it was of a professional standard and decided which pieces would be included in the final piece. This also included uploading those pieces to the One Drive cloud based storage site so I could download them on my home computer in order to use my preferred editing software over the half term.

I also looked over my shooting schedule and re-organised it for the half term. This was in terms of recording game footage and the voice over. Due to having prior commitments the previous week I was unable to follow my schedule. However I quickly made up for this during the half term and recorded the rest of the footage, including footage of violence in 3 separate popular games in recent years in 1920 x 1080p and 60fps to fit with the rest of the live footage recorded.

Lastly during my half term, in terms of production I recorded the voice over, I did this using my recording set up at home using a CAD Audio U37 USB Cardioid Condenser Studio Recording Microphone, along with a pop filter in order to ensure good quality and avoid harsh s’ and pops. I recorded this using Audacity software, which is free software and while not as professional as Adobe Audition its ease of use and availability was more preferable for me to use on my home computer. The audio itself did not need any specific editing except for being cut which I did during the post production phase for video editing in Sony Vegas pro 13.

Finally during the half term I completed the first draft of my video which I will show to others to receive feedback and will likely re edit. I will likely go back and tighten up some of the cuts as they can be a bit sudden and are edited to a less professional standard in places, but in terms of a working draft I am very pleased with it overall in terms of shots and overall content. While I followed my shooting script for the majority of the piece I did alter some just in terms of practicality. For example, I could not acquire any news footage online regarding the Sandy Hook shootings that I could safely download without putting my computer at risk. Therefore, I used some of the extra footage I had of live action playing of video games and editing news headlines over the footage. I feel like this was aesthetically pleasing and using a white text with black outline to be easily visable. Other than this I essentially followed the shooting script minus timings due to the voice over being longer/shorter in places than initially anticipated and reordering where the interviews went, choosing instead to have them together rather than separate them out in order to not create a jarring experience for the watcher; due to the short nature of the video I felt cutting between interviews would be confusing for the viewer.

Itinerary for next term long term:

  • Week 1 22nd – 28th February: Create radio script
  • Week 2 29th February – 6th March: Record radio script, find and download useful wild track, acquire vox pops
  • Week 3 7th – 13th March: Edit final radio script, draft up 500 word article
  • Week 4 14th – 20th March: Finalise article and plan layout for web package
  • Week 5 21 – 27th March: Any final edits to 3 pieces, combine video, radio and article pieces in web package

Short term plan for next week:

  • Re read research and draft up radio script – angle against violence in video games to counter the angle for violence in video games in video piece
  • Create timing plan for radio script
  • Using research write up interview questions for vox pops
  • Using zoom mic acquire about 4 vox pop interviews using vox pop questions



As discussed above I am very pleased with the overall result of my video draft. I feel like I am in good stead for the next term. My plan for the next term is well spaced out and I feel like I will easily meet the deadlines I have set myself. While I was disappointed that I did not manage to do all I wanted in week 5 I have made up for it during the half term. The video was a much more time consuming piece than I expect the radio piece to be and therefore I feel I will easily manage to complete it by the deadline to a good quality.

Overall I was very happy with the video piece and feel like it flows quite well while presenting the facts without being obviously bias but still having a tilted angle towards support of violence in video games – as intended. This is so I can contrast this with an opposite angle for the radio piece.

I was happy with the editing process only taking about 3 hours in total to complete in about 2 sittings. Below are screen shots of the editing process. If I were to do it again I would likely have acquired more footage just in order to ensure I had enough and could pick between more shots but I had enough to avoid having to reuse any footage and not exceed more than 5 seconds on anything other than an establishing shot, interview or for an intentional point (such as the last 10 seconds).

In a way I do feel like I may have tried to cover too much in the 2 minute slot and would have liked to have had a longer video in order properly explore the topic, however some of this I will likely touch on in the article and radio piece. I feel the topic would suit a longer format documentary style format as well as this shorter format I explored above. I will take this on board for my final piece at the end of the year.

Post Production Screen shots

Screen shot 1 (top left) Audacity project recorded voice over

Screen shot 2 (top right) Importing video and audio files to Sony Vegas Pro 13

Screen shot 3 + 4 (middle) Lighting before and after editing to adjust contrast to alter brightness and visibility of shot due to poor lighting.

Screen shot 5 (bottom left) Effect settings used to edit screen shot 3 to produce screen shot 4

Screen shot 6 (bottom right) First draft clips edited together, using multiple audio and video tracks for wildtrack sounds from games and the text added for headlines and for the statistics segment during the short case study.


Progression Week Project Summary

2 thoughts on “Progression Week Project Summary

  1. tomrowse says:

    LEASA MERRILL: Your video has a good range of shots, you have researched your subject matter well, this has created an interesting in depth, Journalistic piece. You have scripted and presented the work well. For the head shot of Stuart, you could do with re-positioning the head shot as to frame the shot better. Also when you speak on camera, the microphone is a little tiny. In the future you could test the sound before recording to ensure you get the best quality.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tomrowse says:

    Couple of notes on the video –

    Shot @ 0.19 – too dark; increase brightness, contrast and play with the colour levels.

    Cut @ 0.25 – Rough cut

    Audio @ 0.35 – echoes – worth re-shooting in a room with better acoustics.

    Cut @ 0.39 – too fast’ you cut the end of your PTC and VO starts too soon.

    Sequence to 0.46 – fades instead of straight cuts between shorts.

    Interview @ 0.47 – don’t include your question; you can save yourself time later on in the piece and streamline this part by referencing the topic in the VO then dafing up the interviewee when he begins talking.

    Interview @ 1.04 – Dodd

    VO from 1.37 – speeds up as it progresses. buy yourself time earlier in the video and re-record at a slower pace. Rephrase some of the script to give yourself less to say. Use as few words as possible.

    Liked by 1 person

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