News Diary 25 – 31 January

Summary of Story

The publisher behind the game ‘Life is Strange’, Square Enix, have sponsored a $10,000 scholarship fund based on an event in the aforementioned game. The fund is through a photography competition called Everyday Heroes with a central theme of “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.

Photos that are selected are to be shown on the homepage for the competition, in a gallery. The top three of these photographers will have their photos signed and framed by the development team behind ‘Life is Strange‘, Dontnod Entertainment. As well as this the finalists will receive recognition through the social media pages of Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment.

One of the winners will be granted the top prize of the Everyday Heroes Scholarship Fund for $10,000. Those wishing to enter can do so through the events main website until February 16th. A title and an explanation of the “everyday hero” must accompany the photo.

This is not the first time Square Enix have been charitable in recent months. Earlier in January the company partnered with an anti bullying organisation by the name of PACER to fund raise for bullying prevention, by using twitter to post tweets themed around ‘Life is Strange’.

Why is it newsworthy?

Square Enix has never been a company that has had a very positive impact in the gaming community. It has been seen as a company that was once beloved but have recently, due to its business practice and lack of passion in some of its releases, fallen out of favour with the gaming community.

With recent developments with the company Konami having continued to make themselves vilified by their questionable actions regarding their business practice, it is a refreshing piece of news for gamers to be shown a story where a company is using their influence to make a difference.

Something that was discussed during our News Conference during our Wednesday session was that there has been a much greater push in education sector to create more of these scholarship based funds through companies. Square Enix doing this may be a sign that companies are indeed taking notice of this and moving forward with this idea, especially in a time where many are cynical of big corporations.

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News Diary 25 – 31 January

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