Project 2: Week 5 Summary

Production analysis

During the weekend I took home filming equipment and got the necessary shots I needed for the video project that I cannot obtain in the college. The majority of these shots were someone playing a game with violent content. The shots varied in both how they were focused (including some focus transition shots) and how they were framed. Using my shooting schedule I recorded several different shots for each in order to mix and match to be able to find the best establishing shot and create a good quality 2-4 shot sequence. What was recorded is intended to be the opening shots. Also due to the amount of varied shots I can use some of them in different places in the recording if necessary.

As well as recording as part of the short case study included in my piece I had a member of my college class fill out an aggression test after playing a violent game (from the Call of Duty franchise which has received criticism by the media for being a popular game with “violent content”). The aggression score increased from the original 58% up to 78% which I will discuss in a piece to camera clip that will be displayed after the initial shots of my classmate filling out the test.

Example of footage recorded:

My plan for this week is:

  1. Create a contingency plan (included in this post)
  2. Record in game footage from the source material of violent scenes in the games: ‘Fallout: New Vegas’, ‘Bulletstorm’, ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’
  3. Record in game footage of Spec Ops: The Line – the in game scene were the player is forced to use white phosphorous on civilians in order to clear a path to make a point about games. (This will require playing the game up to this point in order to record the footage for a few hours)
  4. Interview with Games Development teacher Stuart  Dodd in regards to his views with games and the possible link to violence.
  5. Film piece to camera related to aggression test
  6. Record the voice over on home computer
  7. Possibly begin the editing process and decide which clips shall be used in the final piece.

Below is the shooting schedule that was used for Sunday and planned for the current week.

Shooting schedule 31 01-07 02

Evaluation of recording

I am very happy with the quality of the shots gathered. While I was initially concerned about the lighting available in my room I quickly found the lower light really suited the footage helping to highlight the computer screen and the game making it the focus, also due to a headset being worn it provided light which drew attention to subjects face during close up and allowed for a good focus point in focus transition shots. I expected the recording process to last between 1-2 hours but due to planning ahead and setting up early and the shots being easier to get to the quality I wanted meant it only took about 30 minutes in total. I was also able to get an interview with the person who was playing the games which creates a more fluid narrative by allowing me to cut from footage of someone playing the game directly to their opinion on how they think it affects aggression.

If I were to record the footage again I would possibly have filmed some more shots that I had originally planned (such as a panning shot over boxed games considered violent) however I was limited due to not being able to access the footage from the camera due to the cable that came with the card reader I was supplied was faulty. I managed to overcome this through borrowing one off the person who was playing the games for my recording, however, once they left it limited my ability to record especially since the natural lighting at this point had dissipated. In future this could have been prevented by better planning and scheduling of time to record that shot while lighting conditions were better. However, I was hesitant to use that shot due to the large amount of other usable footage I acquired during the shooting session.

However, I had initially intended to record my voice over this week, this was something I was unable to do due to the issues I had with scheduling and time constraints. I intend to do that this week at home using my own recording equipment, this is mainly due to the fact that I have access to a pop filter and microphone stand in order to get a good quality audio recording. Other then this I was able to meet all the objectives I had planned for this week.

Problems faced with recording this week

The main problem I faced this week was scheduling. I found it very hard to get hold of the person who was supposed to help me with my recording, this meant that organising a time to record was quite a challenge. This was something that could not really be worked around but I did inquire with different people to ask if they could help if I was unable to get hold of my contact.

Once I managed to get hold of the person it was a matter of scheduling, due to prior commitments and working the filming had to be done on the Sunday, this meant that I only had that one day to film what I had initially booked the camera out for. This meant I was working on a tight schedule as Sunday is a day where I have other commitments. However, as stated previously due to good time management and planning I was actual able to film all the footage in a much shorter time frame than initially expected.

The other problems I had were with the equipment itself. Firstly the tripod legs were not tightened well and meant that it was very difficult to set up. However, due to setting up early I was easily able to sort this out with plenty of time before recording. There was also an issue with the microphone I was using (a shotgun mic) not having anything to attach to the camera. In order to overcome this I used a microphone stand I have borrowed off of a friend. This actually was a very helpful outcome as it allowed me to position the microphone is a position to optimise sound during the recording process and use the directional nature of the microphone to my advantage. Finally there was the issue I had with the card reader (which I have discussed above) which was easily solved by swapping out the micro USB cable.

Project 2: Week 5 Summary

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