Project 2: Week 4 Skills Practiced

This week the skills that were worked on related to doing a piece to camera. This was done by presenting a short few minute presentation in front of a green screen to a camera. After having recorded this I then edited the piece and used various images to replace the green screen background.

In order to carry out this skill I first picked a topic and made a rough outline of topic. I then condensed this into a series of bullet points to learn. Using these bullet points as prompts I then spoke for a few minutes of the subject. I then took my video and edited it using Adobe Premiere.

In terms of problems I faced it was mainly technical issues. Due to the large number of students who needed to use the green screen and the nature of the setup, it was quite a time consuming exercise as only one person could be filmed at a time. The other issue was the initial camera that was being used had its storage space used up by the time I was set to record my piece to camera. This was quickly resolved by using a different camera that was available. Finally there were some issues with the set up and meant I had to wait around quite a lot. Due to these circumstances out of my control I used this time to continue to plan for my project as to not waste any time.

In the industry green screens are used for a lot of different forms of televised media. The most prominent example of the use of piece to camera that takes advantage of green screens are that of weather presenters. This is something that requires a lot of planning and preparation due to not being able to see what is being displayed behind them. They must understand where they need to gesture and in what way and requires a lot of prior understanding.

Green screens are also often used in other media productions often by the news, this can be to show relative imagery present facts alongside the main presenter or extenuate the story by showing video. This is also used heavily with the use of sign language and this method allows to broaden the audience by green screening a signer over the original program making it more accessible.

Example of skill in practice


I had very few problems with recording my green screen piece to camera. I feel comfortable and relaxed in front of a camera and can present myself in a professional manner. My voice is clear and easy to understand while speaking at a good pace making it easier to follow. However, I did have a few times were I slightly lost of my train of thought and repeated a few words and phrases which could come off as unprofessional. Occasionally I would stumble over my words slightly however I don’t feel like this was that noticeable. If I were to do it again I would likely make more detailed bullet points and make a base skeletal script which would allow me to present myself in a more professional manner.

Project 2: Week 4 Skills Practiced

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