Project 2: Week 3 Skills practiced

This week the skills that were worked on were purely audio based. They centered around purely getting 10 seconds clips in three different settings and describing the surroundings. Each 10 second clip had an objective; to be recorded somewhere silent, somewhere loud and outside. The recordings were done with Zoom microphones, so audio recording and editing were the skills covered.

In order to carry out this skill I went off with other classmate. We discussed where we thought would be the idea settings. When we got to each area I had a few trial attempts at the ten second clips to get a rough idea of the microphone quality and how far to hold it from my mouth and get an accurate gauge on how much I could say in the ten seconds. I would then look around the area to make a note of anything that would help with my description. Often there was too much to describe in the ten seconds so would pick a specific subset of things to identify the area. This changed dependent on the nature of the recording, for example mention “the cold winter air” was used in my audio for outside to give the listener vital information in a quick sense.

Often there were many different aspects that I noticed, so I would focus on a very brief sentence overview or focus on something in more depth.

In terms of problems faced, I found the major problem I had was the time constraint of 10 second clips. I had a lot of takes that were around 15-17 seconds long so condensing a description into 10 seconds exactly was quite a challenge. In order to solve this I carefully planned what to include based on how much time I had. Each time I would then try another recording and take note of how over I was and whether what I said sounded professional. Using this method of trial and error I managed to trim down what was said by using more professional and descriptive language and cut down the audio length. Another major problem I had was stuttering and losing my train of thought during recording. This again was helped with planning what to say and trial and error. This was quite a challenge to deal with based on the fact that a slight pause could take up a second, which is a substantial amount of time given the 10 second clips.

Finding areas to record was relatively easy and I felt the choices I went with were fairly unique and allowed for my own way to describe and interpret the area. Most of the time it appeared very plain until I took a closer look in more detail at my surroundings and allowed me to draw an more interesting picture in my head of what I wanted to say.

The above news story is an excellent example of a descriptive piece of audio. Despite being a video piece you could easily close your eyes and still get a good sense of the area being described. While being less condensed due to the nature of it being a news story it allows for a precise and descriptive piece of audio. The vocabulary used is a credit to the piece and really helps extenuate the video as well.

Audio skills

In terms of how well the skills were carried out I am very pleased with the over all result. The completed audio was of a very clear quality and I had no real issues with recording quality, except for shielding the microphone from the wind while outside. The ten second clips I think were good but would of liked to have spent more time planning what to say and having knowledge of where to record prior to getting there, especially during recording outside where the low temperature did cause some problems. Some of the language I used I think could have been more descriptive and did find I tended to ramble in some takes and going into analysis of my surroundings rather than being purely descriptive. However I feel like my verbal presentation was of a similar quality to the professional example I have provided with a similar tone of voice and calm, steady speech.


Project 2: Week 3 Skills practiced

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