Project 2: Week 2 Skills Practiced

Due to illness this week I was not able to perform the main task for this week to the extent it was intended. The skills focused on this week were those of working with a camera and problem solving.

The main tasks were to film a wide, mid and close shot without the use of a tripod. And to use camera focus to get visually engaging shots, one transitioning from far to close focus, close to far focus and out of focus to in focus. While unable to attend college I did do a similar exercise during the break period where I received a video camera. While some shots were taken using a tripod for the majority it was impractical for where I was recording. In order to reflect on this task I will be writing about this specific edited piece I created.

Gaining a stable shot was something I did not have much issue with. In order to gain stability I simply supported my arm on anything near by (a table or desk etc) or simply placed the camera on the surface. In times where this was not applicable, I instead crouched down and rested the camera on my knee, if I needed to be higher up for the shot I used my other arm to stabilise the camera by placing it under the other. This would likely be more difficult with a canon camera however, and I would likely use the prior two methods to insure stability. I also found that movement make the shots look more fluid turning them into panning shots helped with this.

Due to having to use my own equipment I was unable to do much of the focus work. My camera has an auto focus feature due to not having a lens. Therefore the only focus type of shot I could gain was out of focus to in focus. This was done by tricking the cameras auto focus by having it focus on something close then turn the camera quickly and film the shot while still out of focus.

In terms of problems I faced it was mainly lack of access to equipment. Due to it being the break period I was unable to access the usually equipment used on the course. I made do with my own personal camcorder, which does not have a lens for focusing and suffers from lower quality despite recording in the same resolution and frames per second as the Canons. (The camera used was a Sony CX330). Therefore this limited my ability to use focus as an aesthetic. This is something I plan to work on next week when I have access again to the college’s Canon cameras. With filming stable shots I have little to no problems and everything was relatively easy and the editing process went fine (however I did edit the clips using my home computer with different editing software than at college).

In terms of the skills in industry it is unlikely for any professional media outlet to be working without a tripod or a stabilised camera of some sort. However for documentaries or more low key stories where filming could be difficult or dangerous this would likely be more viable. A good example of this can be found at: – Beake (2016)

This story has clearly not been able to use a tripod due to the urgency of the story and the seriousness of what is happening. It would also have been impractical due to being on a boat and would likely have just gotten in the way taking up too much room.

I found it difficult to find a good example of focus being used in the industry specifically however I did find a YouTube video that showed some focus skills well. Focus is often used in the industry to bring the attention of viewer to something specific and is often used as a visually appealing cinematography method to interest the viewer. It can also be used to help create a more dynamic establishing shot as well as create a more professional looking aesthetic.


A short evaluation of your ability to carry out the skill with reference to your professional examples.

Video skills


Beake, N. (2016)

Migrant crisis: Cries for help as people plucked from sea

Available at: (Accessed 16th January 2016)


Curtis BrownJohn (2007)

Filmmaking Techniques

Available at: (Accessed 16th January 2016)

Project 2: Week 2 Skills Practiced

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