Project 2: Audio Skills (external practice)

In my free time I have been experimenting with audio editing. Recently I decided to try mixing two covers of a song together by matching the tempo and then making cuts to extenuate the different singers at different parts of the song. The idea behind this was to have both a japanese and english version of a song play in parallel and helped with skills involving syncing audio.

I edited this using my home computer setup with Sony Vegas Pro 13. A screenshot of the final edited project can be found below.

audio practice

audio skills.png

Songs used in mix

Project 2: Audio Skills (external practice)

One thought on “Project 2: Audio Skills (external practice)

  1. […] I again recorded this in audacity due to convenience and began the editing process using Sony Vegas 13 pro. While this is mainly software for video editing it also has very good audio editing capabilities, with being able to alter individual sound levels and simple cutting as with Audition. It also allows for rendering in an audio only format which allowed for a much simpler editing process for me due to my past experience with Sony Vegas, as well as having used it to edit audio in the past (as evidenced by this blog post). […]


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