Project 2: Week 2 Summary

During this week I have been learning about the different pieces of pre-production paper work and why they are necessary in a project. These pieces of paper work are split into 4 different areas; proposal, shooting schedule, shooting script, and location recce.


The proposal is one of the most integral parts of the pre-production process. This is the first step in creating and planning a project. This is where all the ideas that have been brainstormed and narrowed down are finally pitched in order to be potentially chosen. This is crucial if you are passionate about an idea and is the part of production where you have to sell your idea.

If a proposal is a failure then it means the idea is not applicable or not the strongest idea to be used. Therefore it must be revised and adapted suitably for the task at hand. The idea may well be a good one but if it does not suit a specific angle that it was intended for, it will not be useful in the overall goal of the piece.

Shooting schedule

A shooting schedule is very useful in terms of practicality. In order to appropriately manage deadlines and obtain the correct amount of footage a schedule must be kept; in this case, a shooting schedule.

This is a timeline which shows exactly how long something is going to be shot and how long you are going to shoot in general. This is something that is very important to be completed early on in pre-production in order to ensure everyone working on the production can be available and whether or not the timings are practical. This is especially relevant in the case where equipment may not always be available.

Shooting script/Storyboard

This stage is crucial to creating a clean and well made final product. This stage is where you create a base outline of the type of shots you want and a rough estimation of how long for each shot (playing into the shooting schedule also). This also helps to plan the content of each shot and allows for a simpler process when it comes to recording. A storyboard helps to create a much more fluid filming process by giving everyone involved a very clear layout of what each shot will consist of and its content. A story board is very important when working with deadlines and with others (especially when not everyone can be present at the shoot).

Location recce

A location recce is a large part of the process of pre-production. This is the idea of going to a location and checking whether or not it is somewhere suitable for filming/shooting. Often it is a good practice to take pictures of where the camera would be positioned to allow for an understanding of how potential footage would look. Shooting on location can be challenging if the area is not well known and no research has been done on it and so therefore it is very beneficial to location recce in advance in order to making the shooting of footage much simpler and efficient.

Project 2: Week 2 Summary

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