Week 11 – News Diary

Spiderman actor discusses what will set him apart in upcoming civil war movie


New Spiderman actor Tom Holland has talked about how he will be portraying Spiderman in the new Captain America movie next year. As he is the third actor to play Spiderman in the characters film history many are speculating what will set him apart from the other actors. The idea behind Spiderman being set apart from the other characters in the new film according to Holland is the concept of Spiderman being one of the only characters in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe to have a secret identity.

Why is it newsworthy?

Captain America Civil War is one of the biggest marvel films coming out to date. There has been a huge advertising campaign and the plot is based off one of Marvel’s best selling graphic novels. It is highly anticipated and many fans of the Marvel franchise are excited for the new film and are looking for any information regarding the new film. This brief interview sheds a little bit of light at least in terms of filming location and gives some more background to Tom Holland as an actor. Holland will be the third person to play Spiderman and many are interested in how he will fare when compared to the previous two incarnations since Marvel have made a deal with Sony for the right to use Spiderman in their universe.

What are the perspectives?

This story is relatively simple. There aren’t many angles that can be taken from it. There is the concept of a new actor playing a character that is well know by many already and will have to try and live up to the previous actors performances.

But mostly this presents the perspective of Holland himself considering it is an interview and the rather short article is based purely on his quotes.

What is the best medium for this?

I would say either audio or written. Audio could use the sound bytes that are being quoted in the article to give more validity. However, with such a short story with not much information it suits written just as well due to it being quite bite sized. I feel like a video would just be too short and not really attract the same kind of audience. However, many of those who will be interested in the story will be young and interested in the upcoming film so could possibly be interested in a video format. Taking this all into account, though, due to the nature of the story I would stick with a written format.


Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 won’t ship worldwide due to sexism issues


The game ‘Dead or Alive Xtreme 3’ a very sexualised beach volley ball game, will not be available outside of Japan and Asia due to the publishers concerns that the game will offend Western audiences. This is due to the games very unapologetic overtly sexual depictions of women.

Why is it newsworthy?

There has been a continually discussion of over sexualised female characters being unrealistic portrayals of women in gaming. It have died down more recently as many developers have been shying away from the previously overly sexual characters in favour of more strong willed and determined female protagonists.

This along with the new wave of modern feminist groups and campaigns that have been widely discussed in the past couple of years makes the story all the more relevant. It also shows a very interesting change in how society has changed and how this is now beginning to affect the video game industry.

What are the different perspectives?

The main perspectives here are the game’s publisher who are the reason it will not be shipped to the West. The reasoning is fairly obvious but this will clearly hurt sales and asks the question why they haven’t done this before now.

There is also the perspective of fans of the series who will not be able to purchase the game in the Western countries and what their opinion is on whether this is a good decision.

There is also finally the obvious perspective of what female gamers and feminists think of this decision and could be used to open up another discussion on sexism in the video game scene.

What is the best medium for this?

I would say video. Purely so game footage can be used so that viewers can get an accurate view on whether they personally think the game was too offensive to be released in the West. While audio and visual can still open up the discussion, it doesn’t present the opportunity to give the audience the ability to make their own decision based on the game’s content.



Nintendo’s New Console will not be the next version of the Wii


The new console Nintendo are currently working on (the Nintendo NX) is intended to be a “different and obviously a new experience”. The console will not have any specifics made available to the public until next year. However, it is intended to not be the successor to Wii or Wii U and is intended to be something completely new.

Why is it newsworthy?

The Wii has sold over 100 million units around the word – outselling both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. However, the successor to the console, the Wii U, after more than three years has only sold 10.73 million. Therefore it is not surprising Nintendo want to move around from the Wii and Wii U concept and move onto a different console. This is a very big development for the games industry as the Xbox One and Playstation 4 are still in the formative years since being released 2 years ago. The idea of another console being released so soon after the last new console generation is a very unexpected development. Also since Nintendo are being very secretive about the console many are interested in the slightest piece of information.

What are the perspectives?

There are three main perspectives for this story. That of the industry as a whole, those of Nintendo and those of the consumer.

The consumer and fans of Nintendo are interested in any information they can get on the NX and therefore it is being covered extensively whenever information if given out about it.

The perspective of Nintendo is mainly the question of, why are they being so secretive and why announce a new console so early into its development with such little information?

Finally in terms of an industry it is interesting to think how this new console could affect and potentially shape the future of the console market.

What is the best medium for this?

Much like with the Spiderman story, this is very minimal in terms of information. It is purely based off a quote and therefore I think it presents itself well as a written piece.

There isn’t much that can be said about the story unless using it as a point in a much larger discussion so I feel like audio and video content would not work as well.



Week 11 – News Diary

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