Week 9 – Evaluation of Skills

What are the skills I have learnt this week?

The skills I have been working on this week relate to: creating layouts in In Design for a newspaper publication, learning about jobs in the newspaper industry and learning the history of the print industry.

In relation to the creating a layout I was continuing to learn how to use In Design to create a professional looking single page spread. In order to do this I had to recreate a layout of a news story using measurements to ensure a similar layout was created.

In terms of the other task it was basically a matter of using research to learn about the industry and its history and how that will impact the future of the industry and what jobs are available.


What is the purpose of this skill set?

The skill set is mainly that of creating a good spread that looks professional. This allows for me to be a more diverse range of skills which in terms would make me more employable. The learning the background of the industry and the jobs involved in it also helps to make me more informed which in turn will help me to get a job in the industry.


Give at least 3 examples of the skills being used in the industry?

  1. Working as a layout designer for a publication
  2. Writing articles taking into consideration the layout and space
  3. Creating advertisements
  4. Knowledge of the industry when hiring new employees
  5. Knowing about different job roles by managers
  6. Understanding history of industry in order to fully understand the trends of the industry.


How effectively have I carried out the skill set, thinking about the strengths and areas to improve?

I found the tasks this week fairly simple. I did not experience any real troubles, however, for the layout task I did forget to take the original measurements and so had to look up the layout online for comparison. This made the task much more time consuming that it would have if I had initially taken the correct measurements. This meant that I had to then go back and alter the layout to ensure the page size was correct.

In future I will ensure I take measurements before I start the task. I had no issues with the creation of my write ups for the other tasks. They were simple and straightforward. Due to taking notes efficiently I had no problems writing up what I had learnt during my taught sessions and had no issues with understanding or analysing the information.

Identify what jobs in industry you would apply these skills?

  1. Reporter – writing articles to fit layout
  2. Designer for publication – Creating the layouts
  3. Media analyst – analysing the media to ensure the news being covered it relevant and suits the publication
  4. Audience analyst – makes sure the information covered in the publication is received well by the intended audience
  5. Editor – takes into account all the skills and combines them to ensure the publication fulfills its purpose.


How relevant are the skills for you in getting a job in the industry?

I think having a diverse skill set is also vital for a job in the industry, this also goes for having a good understanding of jobs and job roles in the industry. In order to best get a good idea of the jobs available it is important to have a full understanding of the history and previous trends in how it has changed. Understanding this evolution of the industry can help to put yourself at the forefront of the next evolution in the field.

Therefore these skills covered this week are very important for getting a job in the industry purely based on the diversity and knowledge being very employable traits.





Week 9 – Evaluation of Skills

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