Verbal Feedback Evaluation

After being given feedback on my verbal project I am very pleased with my progress. I received a lot of positive feedback and achieved a high pass for my presentation.

I was told that I worked well and it was clear I had been working hard. I was told I gave good outlines of quantitative and qualitative research and was very thoughtful with my pros and cons.

My questionnaire achieved all the goals I set out to achieve and this was made clear in my presentation. The questions I used in my presentation were considered good and I showed “an excellent” understanding. My presentation was professional, I dressed appropriately and gave clear thought out responses and preparation had clearly been done with plenty of eye contact.

I would say that there were times when I had issues remembering what to say and struggled to get words out at certain points. However, I was assured that it was not noticeable.

Verbal Feedback Evaluation

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