Week 9 – Newspaper Page Layout Practice



My Recreation

daily star recreate

Critical comparison

In terms of exact measurements there are several slight variations between mine and the original document. Several of the images and the portraits have different sizes due to an error on my part of not noting down the exact measurements. However, the offset of white at the edges is exact as is the header, the size of the page itself,the large background image and text box. By taking these into account I was able to get a rough estimate of the sizes of the portraits in the header and other images based on these measurements.

The page layout itself is 275mm wide by 345mm height, I was able to get this information by using the Daily Star’s website. The indents of white around the page are 10mm to the left, right and above. The bottom indent is 3mm as is the original.

In terms of imagery as I could not get access to good quality pictures similar to those used in the article in question I had to improvise the background image. This was in order to have an image of high resolution as there were none available online in a high enough resolution. The 3 images that are all located in red boxes are all similar to the ones used by the Daily Star and relate to the story in question and are relatively high in resolution. The images used for the authors of the story were acquired online and were edited to fit approximately the same size as the original as best as possible considering they have different resolution layouts to the originals.

With the header I replicated it to a good standard. I used the same colour scheme as with the original. However, due to the font the Star use for their headers not being available on the computers I used to create the layout I was unable to match this exactly. I was able to replicate the effect of the word TV where the T joins into the V with a black outline. As with the original I used a drop shadow on the portraits and with the box containing the words “all the top telly news.” I then angled the drop shadow and the box itself accordingly to match that of the original.

I also recreated the date of the article as with the original and the page number at the top in similar font (which again wasn’t publically available).

The portraits all have a red outline and are slightly angled with a slight overlap with the circular image partially covering the rectangular image.

As with the original I have included lines to help break up the layout and create a more professional looking layout. All the lines match the measurements of the original document exactly.

The advertisement box is not exactly to scale as I was unable to find the original documents measurements for this particular section. Therefore I approximated and believe it looks to a similar scale of the original. In future however I will ensure I have all the exact measurements prior to create.

I angled the headline and applied a drop shadow as was done in the original layout, and then used placeholder text inside the text box. The only issue with the text box is that I missed out the bolderised word in the centre of the centre column due to a formating error which deleted it.

The image at the bottom of the page, as with the portraits was the closest kind of image I could find to the original. But still allowed me to get the desired effect of the text wrapping around the image.

Overall I would say that my attempt was very close to the original. I could however improve in future with the addition of exact measurements and having access to higher resolution images. I did find that I had to resize everything at one point due to not formating my indesign document to the right dimensions. In future will remember to do this before starting work on a layout. With access to the correct font and images I think I could fully recreate an exact copy of the original.

Week 9 – Newspaper Page Layout Practice

One thought on “Week 9 – Newspaper Page Layout Practice

  1. tomrowse says:

    LEASA MERRILL (TUTOR): This is well thought through, though when you suggest ways you would do things differently, explain why and how you would go about this and what you expect to gain differently.

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