Week 7 – Evaluations of Skills

What are the skills I have learnt this week?

The majority of the skills learnt this week, centred on those to do with video. These skills included: the recording of footage, what constitutes a good piece of footage, varying shot types and how to edit the footage accordingly – using Adobe Premiere Pro. Other skills focused on this week related to: using Photoshop to create a professional looking magazine cover and how to use different forms of research for different areas of information (quantitative and qualitative).

With recording video I was taught how to use the Canon 550 cameras, as well as the accompanying tripod. Using this equipment I then recorded varying different shots for practise. Later on in the week, I used the program Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the footage into a 60 second piece.

In terms of Photoshop, I continued to learn new skills with editing a picture and spent most of the lesson creating my magazine front cover. During this sessions I experimented with layering and the spacing of font to allow for more professional looking font.

Researching skills I found very helpful, through learning how to discern the merits of both quantitative and qualitative research and when it is best to use each. The methodology of which type of research suits which method of gathering information allowed me to analyse when it is relevant to have surveys and when vox pops could be more effective.

What is the purpose of this skill set?

The varying skill sets all have differing purposes. The video and layout skills are in order to increase my versatility as a journalist, in the modern industry. This allows me to work with both video and in print sectors and allows me to not be limited. These skills are also very employable in the different media sectors as it allows a journalist to be able to, if necessary, record and edit their own pieces.

Also the understanding of shot types and what constitutes a good piece of video coverage, allows for me know how to script a piece of news and allows me to work out which facts are relevant for a story in a specified time limit.

In terms of research skills it allows me to learn other methods of gathering information and how this affects the validity of information provided and how to include quantitative information into an article.

Give at least 3 examples of the skills being used in the industry?

Video skills used in industry: Journalists editing their video for news reports, differing shots used in news and online media, knowledge of editing allows for a journalist to structure their script based around the presentation.

Design skills: Used for front covers, editing images to make them usable for a magazine article, making an aseptically pleasing image that can draw the attention of the readers.

Research skills: allows journalists to gather relevant information, using surveys to gather information to include statistics in articles, using qualitative research to get first-hand accounts of people related to a story.

How effectively have I carried out the skill set, thinking about the strengths and areas to improve?

I found that I managed to carry out the tasks easily and effectively. I found video editing relatively simple due to prior experience I’ve had with other editing software. However I find that I was slightly constricted in terms of the hardware used to edit the video. Due to the computers not being the specifications I’m used to I found it quite frustrating as the editor would continue to freeze and the preview screen would lag behind the actual footage. While these occurrences were fairly few and far between they did slow down the production of my video.

With design skills I found that I made a lot of headway in learning how to use Photoshop, using online tutorials to change specific aspects of my image to create the desired effect. In future, however, I will try to accurately recreate the dimensions in design work in order to make the image look more professional and be able to create a more accurate and professional layout. I intend to look at other publications to analysis the different design techniques so I can apply these to future assignments.

For research I had no issues with understanding seeing how applicable these skills were. I found it relatively simple and could easily see how to use these in future and their value in journalism. I will strive to take this information and apply it in future assignments. The only minor issue would be that my survey created is anonymous so I cannot analysis the information in as much detail as I would like.

Identify what jobs in industry you would apply these skills?

Jobs for video editing are vast and usually specific to the television news industry. In most jobs in the industry it is beneficial to have knowledge of video editing as it allows for the professional to script or write pieces with a specific time frame or video style in mind.

The main job role for researcher is obviously that of researcher for a news publication. However these skills equally apply to editors, reporters, writers and proof readers (in terms of fact checking).

For design skills this will affect those working in advertising and how to incorporate this into the overall design of a publication. This is also relevant to article writers due to the fact that they will need to write articles of certain word count to fill up a specific amount of space – in some cases as little as 50 words for a short column. Graphics designers for publications will also need these skills, again for sizing images and how they would fit with the publication.

How relevant are the skills for you in getting a job in the industry?

All these skills are relevant for getting a job in the industry but to different extents. The most relevant of all the skills would be that of the research skills. Being able to research efficiently using varying sources and types of research helps to improve the credibility of an article. Research also helps with helping with video editing in terms of finding relevant information to summarise in a video feed, and will be needed in terms of obtaining video footage for stories.

Video skills definitely put you in good stead in getting a job as it shows adaptability, however, is not a requirement for most jobs in terms of written journalism. However, would be expected in the television sector, or at least a base level understanding, in order to interact with video editors and camera crews.

Design skills are very important for any kind of written or online publication. This is mainly due to similar reasons as the one specified in the previous section. While this is a major skill in terms of the television news sector it is less important but still a useful skill set due to its versatility.




Week 7 – Evaluations of Skills

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