Week 8 – Video skills

Plan for video and script

video script for video skills

Final video

45 second piece

Summary of filming

In terms of filming it was a relatively simple process. Due to having a shot list and a rough idea of locations the filming in totally only took approximately an hour and a half. There were two different locations, one outside of others filming and the other being inside a classroom. In both locations we took multiple takes of each shot and shot for about twice the length of the shot needed. This was to avoid issues with shots looking too similar and allowing for any issues with files to not pose a problem during editing. Having longer footage also allowed to get smoother cuts from transitions.

What equipment did you use?

The equipment I used for the video was a Canon 550D camera for filming, a tripod to allow for steady shots and a zoom microphone to record the voice over.


The majority of the challenges were during the editing stage. This was mainly due to an issue with the audio recorded on the cameras being very quiet on the computers, editing the audio in audition also lead to excessive peaking which lowered the professionality of the final product. In order to avoid this for the most part I re-recorded the audio using a zoom mic. However, due to the piece using both a tracking shot and piece to camera where I was speaking directly to a camera I could not use the overlay audio for these pieces. This leads to a sudden dip in audio quality in these clips which detracts from the overall piece.

In terms of filming the only issue we experienced with the camera was that of setting up the tripod to use the handle to turn the camera smoothly. However, after practise and using it multiple times, it eventually became a simple process which we were able to redo on several occasions.

We did encounter a few issues with focusing the camera but again after studying the camera we were able to quickly able to work out how to use both the zoom lens and focus the video capture.

How can you improve?

In terms of improving, in future I would alter audio capture settings and possibly use an external microphone with the Canons in order to ensure good audio quality. I could also purely use voice over footage to allow for consistency on the video. While I am pleased with the majority of shots, some of them are relatively similar and due to the short length of the piece meant some shots could look repetitive.

Also in the piece to camera I am looking off at the wrong angle meaning I am looking away from the camera rather than across it. This look unprofessional. Also what I was wearing did not come across professional due to wearing jeans and a hoodie. In future I would wear smarter attire when recording myself.

Comparison to professional shot news footage

When compared to professionally shot footage I would say my video piece was good but has some areas where in falls down in comparison. Firstly the audio quality is much better in professional footage.

I think, however, some of my 3-4 shot sequences are of a similar quality to that of a professionally produced piece. The clips are also relatively similar in length with my footage being 3-5 seconds long except for tracking, panoramas and pieces to camera, similar to that of news footage.

I would say the framing of the shot is something I was overall very pleased with, however in some shots there are others in the background also filming there pieces which is unprofessional when compared to the rest of the footage and can be slightly jarring for the viewer.

I also had a slight issue with fitting my script into 45 seconds and had to cut some information which meant the end of the video ends on a fade to black to make up an extra second in order to fully fit the 45 second time frame required. In news footage they would have spaced the audio out better and made it a more seamless conclusion, also I find my final shot could have been a more impactful image.

While I tried to keep the video relevant to the audio some of the clips can, in places seem slightly out of place with the audio, which when compared to a professional shot news footage could definitely be improved upon.

However, for a first attempt considering the time frame, technical issues with the camera and editing suite I think the base footage is of a high quality. The shots are framed with a good mix of varying shots to create a clear narrative and allow for smooth transitions of footage.

Week 8 – Video skills

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