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Arkham Knight re-released on PC sales platform Steam


The newest game in the Batman Arkham series was re-released on the PC sales platform steam. The game was initially taken off the games site due to it being nonfunctional in most cases back in June. On October 28th 2015 the PC version of the game was once again made available to buy and download for Steam users.

However despite the game being relaunched it hasn’t fixed all the issues. Many players are still experiencing problems with the game’s functionality. The publisher of the game, Warner Bros, released a statement on steam suggestion possible fixes. These were unfortunately quite basic and still did not fix many of the problems for players. The advice given for people with Windows 7 players was relatively basic, in regards to the hard-drive paging issues. The statement suggested players who have “extended play sessions” using Windows 7 computers may experience the problem but it can be fixed by simply re launching the game.

Warner Bros also suggestion to Windows 10 players that they should have “at least 12GB of system RAM” to allow the game to play smoother. However, 12GB of RAM would provide a smoother experience for almost every game on the market, and is therefore fairly redundant.

The relaunch of the game on steam is being sold with free copies of the previous Arkham games if ordered before 16th November.

Why is it newsworthy?

This story is newsworthy as it is a follow up story for something that was very big in the games industry in June. This story comes at a time when a lot of PC games are being put out in an unfinished and unplayable state. There has been a lot of backlash from the PC gaming community regarding it and this story in June was something that sparked a lot of discussion relating to the quality of PC games being put on the market in terms of there state of functionality.

Also Batman Arkham Knight was by far one of the biggest summer releases. Many fans were anticipating this game with DC even publishing a, still running, comic series to help promote the game. Batman is socially at the height of its popularity as a brand and so the game was bought by many who were disappointed in June. This story, discussing the relaunch and fans disappointment to the still not entirely functional game allows to open up another discussion about Steam and developers accountability in producing a reliable service.

What are the different perspectives and why?

The main perspective of this story is from that of the consumer. Many people who bought the game and had it refunded in June may have felt betrayed by the developers and Steam. An update on the story will likely interest these people and because they may wish to take another look at the game now it has been relaunched.

There is also the perspective of the developers from having relaunched the game and the fact that it took them several months to recreate and fix the issues which begs the question of why didn’t they release the game later in this state?

Finally there is the perspective of Steam who initially took the game off their store due to the game not being functional.

How does the style/presentation of facts suit the audience?

In every source and article relating to games journalism the articles are relatively brief. The consumer is likely not interested enough in the story to read a long feature piece relating to the ethics of the games industry, however, can spare a couple of minutes to get an update and insight into the re release of a game they may enjoy. The style in most of the sources is very colloquial and friendly with the consumer to allow for them to enjoy reading the story, with a much more characterised element rather than the reporter being removed from the situation they will express their views along with the facts. This suits the audience as the gamer market in general is a much younger demographic who are more suited towards this style of media, especially pertaining to videos.




Nintendo set to release first ever mobile game


Nintendo debuted their first mobile game on October 29th 2015. The game was developed partially by new Nintendo partner DeNA co and is expected to be released by spring 2016. They have also announced that there are four other mobiles titles from the two development companies by March 2017.

The mobile game is less a standard game and more of a social app called Miitomo. Which is essentially a mii channel, a featured included in the Wii and Wii U systems, for phones. The app allows the ‘player’ to create an avatar and communicate with other users.

Why is it newsworthy?

The game is a first for the company who have only focused on creating games for their own systems prior to this. Nintendo have often been criticised as a company for not embracing newer ideas in terms of their development platform always being centred around their consoles. This newest development shows that Nintendo are now taking a new direction into a completely different market, which opens up a lot of possibilities. This is relevant also due to the recent announcement of the mobile app “Pokemon Go”, another Nintendo property.  It  was a fairly unexpected development and shows signs that the company are likely going to be taking steps forward into the newer forms of games development.

What are the different perspectives and why?

The perspectives for this story are mainly again of consumers, developers and Nintendo. Firstly there is the perspective of those who are likely to use the application because this story is angled towards this demographic as it is something that is not necessarily relevant to the general public.

Another perspective is that of those creating the game in terms of what the app will do in terms of functionality and will the game be successful with the intended audience. This is a different platform than Nintendo are used to working with and so this perspective is at the forefront of this story.

Then there is the perspective of Nintendo in general. This is clearly a newer format for their games and how this will affect their future business practice is definitely something to be considered.

How does the style/presentation of facts suit the audience?

Again with the story it is relatively short in nature. The story states facts clearly and in a concise manner. The video outlining the news is a good example of using humour and personality to help appeal to the target demographic. YouTube as a platform has a much younger demographic than most media outlets, with it ranging usually between 13-17 or 18-24 on most channels. As Nintendo is often thought of a family orientated games developer who create games for a younger demographic (while still having a large older fan base) covering this story in a YouTube video is a good way to appeal to the target demographic of the story. However, there is also a more business oriented angle of the story which appeals to a older demographic through the presentation of facts and discussion around Nintendo’s future business practice.




Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Disappointing Sales Figures

The launch sales for the newest assassin’s Creed game have been been disappointing for the franchise, with the second lowest week one sales compared with all other games in the series. This was the only other game in the series to not be developed by Ubisoft Montreal; created instead by Ubisoft Quebec. Some are linking the fall in sales due to the poor performance of last years installment Assassin’s Creed Unity due to it having a lot of bugs.

The game however did well in the UK game charts coming in at number one above the latest installment of Fifa and Rockband live.

Why is it newsworthy?

This relates quite similarly to the Batman Arkham Knight story. As many are attributing the fall in sales of the newest Assassin’s Creed game to feeling spurned by last years release, Assassin’s Creed Unity, coming out in an unfit to play state. Many are expecting this is causing people to become uninterested in the franchise. There is also the fact that Assassin’s Creed has been releasing games for the series on a yearly basis for the last few years and this could be a sign of gamers becoming fatigued by the franchise. But the main focus as to why this story in newsworthy is that it has under performed in its launch week despite it being known as a popular franchise. This could be a sign of the brand losing it’s significance in the market or could be players not wishing to buy this game after the previous titles issues. There has been a lot of discussion relating to the topic of games being released in unfit states and the poor sales figures for this game show the effect it can have on a developers future titles.

What are the different perspectives and why?

As with the previous stories this again mainly focuses on the consumer, however there is also the perspective from an industry standpoint.

Assassin’s Creed has been a popular games franchise for many years and so obviously this story will appeal to those who are fans of the game, as it could be used to argue the whether the series has a future with sales figures dropping. Following on from that from an industry standpoint it brings up the question as to whether there is a shift in what buyers want and what caused this game’s sale figures to be so much lower than expected.

How does the style/presentation of facts suit the audience?

The presentation of facts mainly focuses around the one simple fact; that the game sold poorly. This is the centrepiece of the story, and every other aspect of the story is entirely structured around this. Essentially this fact opens up a discussion as to why this happened and allows for speculation on the story. The audience is again likely to be those who are consumers and this discussion allows for them to be brought into the story, in terms of why they haven’t bought the game and what is the possible repercussions for the franchises future taking this into account. The audience are effectively those who are interested in the series or those who are interested in the industry and how this relates to other stories in the same stem as this which is emulated well in the style and presentation used for this story in how is fully centred around one major point.



Half Term News Diary

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