Week 7 – Front cover Practice

Front cover based on Empire issue

my empire cover

Empire issue my cover was based on

empire cover example

Screen cap of photoshop file

empire cover print screen


During this assignment I was tasked to recreate a front cover of a magazine. For this I chose Empire magazine. I felt this was a good choice as it was something that I was particularly drawn to and from prior evaluation found it was effective.

I tried to recreate the design as closely as possible. This was done by finding an image for the background that emulated that of the original. I found an image which was of grated steel and used this. Due to the dark nature of the cover I felt it would work well with the gritty image of Batman I had chosen to be the centrepiece of the cover. This also allows for the text to be easily visible without making the cover look visually busy.

The title font I used was from a .png file I had saved. I used this to create a sense of branding and draws attention to the reader by being a stark coloured contrast compared to the black background.

The font used is varied for different film titles to helped distinguish between titles. In order to have the text fit the area appropriately I had to have each line of text in a separate layer so that I could have less space between texts. This was a challenge and was quite time consuming. However I feel that this helped emulate the original image the front cover was based on. This also allows for the filling of blank space with relevant information that will interest the reader.

The centre piece of the front cover is an image of batman, due to it being of a high resolution and being a .png file this was relatively easy to implement. The image is a similar pose of that of the original front cover and focuses on the upper half of the character. This allows for easy positioning of text around the image. The image layer is above the title layer which allows for the picture to look more three dimensional and pops out at the reader. The other text to the side partial goes behind the image in places too. I did this again with the opening text at the top of the page again.

The price, date and website are inside the M in Empire to look the same as the original, this was relatively easy to do and only required making the text smaller.

Finally after doing this all I needed to do was add the barcode and a bit of information at the bottom of the page. I used one word of red text to draw attention with the word plus! This shows the reader there is extra information.

From doing this exercise I found the importance of how an image can look more professional based on the ordering of layers. Also using a colour scheme with minimal colours allows to highlight information and draws attention to important pieces of information such as the title.

Week 7 – Front cover Practice

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