Week 4 – Evaluation of Skill Learnt this Week

What are the skills I have learnt this week?

The skills I have been learning and practising this week were related mainly to visual and audio presentation, for the purposes of television and radio. The first set of skills taught to me this week were that of story boarding and how to appropriately present a news story as a piece to camera. This was something I have relatively large amount of experience in due to doing a lot of video work in my free time.

The second set of skills related to the creation of an audio piece of a news story. This included recording and editing audio for the piece. The skills relative to this included using recording equipment and continuing to practise using adobe audition.

What is the purpose of this skill set?

The purpose of the skillset is to provide other mediums of journalism, through audio and visual you can reach a different audience and can be presented in a different way to allow for different angles to be taken.

Creating story boards and understanding how to use shots to create a professional piece of video is a very useful skill to have. This allows for the creator to keep the interest of the viewer and allows the inclusion of additional information visually as well as using visual to help extenuate the story.

Give at least 3 examples of the skills being used in the industry?

Audio production will be done on any audio recording for news or otherwise, as well as sound engineers who edit the sound for television news and other programmes. Most radio journalists are expected to have sound editing skills. These are also skills used in basically any form of visual medium and obviously audio recordings (such as mixing songs etc.)

Storyboarding and video production skills are used by video editors to ensure the video is of good quality and streamlined to not include anything unnecessary while ensuring all important information has been expressed. Cameramen will also use these skills when shooting a news piece as well as the person who is speaking to the camera.

How effectively have I carried out the skill set, thinking about the strengths and areas to improve?

I found that I did not have any difficulty with creating story boards or understanding any of the video shots. The audio work I also understood and had no issues with. However one issue I did encounter was that while editing my radio piece the laptop I was using had some errors which meant I had to spend about an hour to get my file to reopen once I’d edited it. This was very aggravating and caused a lot of wasted time. However, once it was fixed the file was fine. I did find it quite tedious as I had to render the file and the laptop continued to crash during this. Due to it being of a technical nature I can’t do anything differently, however I will continue to make backup save files. I will also make sure I do not delete the audio files off of the zoom mic in future until after the audio file is rendered.

With the actually editing of the audio I found it relatively easy. I had to rerecord the piece a few times due to getting a muffled sound occasionally; this was due to holding the microphone too close to my mouth. After being given advice from my tutor I rerecorded the piece with the microphone further away, at arm’s length. This led to the audio quality being a lot better and clearer. I found that I stuttered in a few places so did a few recording and edited together parts from each recording and edited it so there was no noticeable change. I am overall very pleased with the final product and found the software easy to use.

Identify what jobs in industry you would apply these skills?

As specified previously above:

Video: Cameraman, video editor, video journalist, editor of new company.

Audio: Boom mic operator, audio engineer, radio journalist, journalist conducting interviews for written piece.

How relevant are the skills for you in getting a job in the industry?

The skills are very important for a job in the television and radio industry however not vital. Due to the nature of the jobs provided in those sectors of the industry it is likely something that can help define you from other competitors for a job. Both skill sets are important to have some knowledge in when working in the industry however many employers will give training on these skills when hiring. The audio skills are likely more useful in getting a job in radio than the video skills in television, as many of the jobs in the television industry start at entry level after being a runner for a company. These skills are very relevant to their relative fields and do allow for better job prospects but are not necessarily crucial.




Week 4 – Evaluation of Skill Learnt this Week

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