Week 1 – Evaluation of Skill Learnt this Week

What are the skills I have learnt this week?

I have learnt many skills this week. The majority of these related to the construction of a spread for a magazine through using the program Adobe InDesign, as well as how to conduct proper research using the 5 Ws technique.

Through analysis and evaluation of other double page spreads and using the skills taught to me I was able to recreate a double page spread. The skills learnt through using InDesign related to creating an article layout that looked professional and being taught how to use all the programs functions. This was mainly how to edit the guttering and columns as well as general functions such as adding in pictures and articles using the place tool.

The 5Ws technique was a useful skillset and helped to lay out how to do effective research into a story for an article and allows me to ascertain all the necessary information (who, what, where, when and how).

What is the purpose of this skill set?

The purpose of both of these skill sets relates to the creation of professional articles, both in presentation and content. An article may be very good but nobody will be interested in reading it if the layout looks amateurish. Also if the content of the article is poorly researched and does not give all necessary information then it has failed in its purpose to provide the consumer with all the important information regarding that story.

Give at least 3 examples of the skills being used in the industry?

Good research skills can be applied by anyone in industry. Editors will need to research the baseline of the story so they can allocate them to their writers, article writers will then have to research the story further. Research is used in the hiring process as well, during interviews with potential employees the employer will often do research into the candidate before bring them to interview. Magazines obviously use good design practice for their pieces as to draw in potential readers and engage their existing readership.

How effectively have I carried out the skill set, thinking about the strengths and areas to improve?

I found my strengths this week related more towards my analysis of what makes a double page spread appealing and research. I would definitely say that design is not something I find easy and will continue to analyse different layouts and designs to take inspiration of in future. As I am not particularly artistic I will try to break down design in future into more logical steps as a process.

In terms of research I find gathering relevant reliable information relatively easy and can do it is a timely fashion from multiple sources from various mediums. I also picked up how to use InDesign very quickly and had no real issues with the programme itself. However as previously started other than recreating an article visually I do have issues with how to present a layout in a way that helps extenuate an article. I intend to practise this more and expect it will improve over time.

Identify what jobs in industry you would apply these skills?

Research – employers, journalists, editors,

Design – Journalists, magazine editors, magazine designers, photographers

How relevant are the skills for you in getting a job in the industry?

Writing a good article is almost impossible without good source material to base it off of, therefore it is necessary for a journalist to be good at research. Due to the nature of a job in the industry relying heavily on deadlines, being able to do this effectively and in a timely fashion is vital in both writing a  good article and breaking a story before someone else covers it. Use of both primary and secondary research need to be carried out as otherwise the article is purely speculative, which works for some forms of articles but it is in general bad practise.

Design is just as important for magazines and increasingly with news articles now that the medium is moving towards a more online form. Having an article laid out in an aesthetically pleasing and eye catching way allows the reader to become interested in an article they otherwise may have had no intention in reading otherwise. Design is a fundamental part in the industry and is used to draw attention and extenuate an article in a way that improves it overall and is therefore vital for a successful publication.




Week 1 – Evaluation of Skill Learnt this Week

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