Week 4 – News Diary 3

The Hulk to appear in Thor Ragnarok

Mark Ruffalo, is set to return to his role as the hulk in the upcoming Thor Ragnarok film, set to release 3rd November 2017.

The Marvel movie is still in pre-production but has been moving swiftly through the process after finding it’s new director Taika Waititi.

Many fans were disappointed by the sight of the Hulk’s unexpected exit at the end of the the most recent film featuring Ruffalo, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

There had been a lot of speculation prior to the confirmation of Ruffalo returning in the third Thor installment, as to when the character would return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This came after an announcement that the Hulk would not have a role to play in the upcoming 2016 release, Captain America Civil War.

Little is known as to what the role of the giant green hero will be in the upcoming picture. However, the film will reportedly introduce the Valkyrior, a group of Asgardian female warriors.

Hulk isn’t the only character confirmed to be returning in the newest installment. Tom Hiddleston and Jamie Alexander will be returning to their roles as Loki and Lady Sif, alongside Chris Hemsworth (Thor) once again to bring the mythological Norse characters to life.





Ubisoft release Eagle with 4K Camera loose on London to promote newest installment of Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft’s newest video advertisement for their newest Assassin’s Creed games, goes above and beyond, quite literally. The game’s publisher strapped a camera to the head of an eagle to record a bird’s eye view of London to help promote Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

The 29 year old bald eagle, called Sidney, flew over London to showcase the newest feature of the popular game franchise set in Victorian London during the industrial revolution. The newest iteration of the ‘Eagle Vision’ mechanic allows for the player to get a bird’s eye view, allowing them to track enemies in the game.

This project was the first time an eagle has been allowed to fly “to this extend in an urban environment” according to Chris O’Donnell the bird’s handler. O’Donnell went on to say that the eagle was used crowds and was “highly adaptable to a busy city environment”.

While the footage was supposedly recorded with a 4K camera, the YouTube footage of the video is only available in 1080p in 30 frames per second. So have argued that it would have been better to use a lower quality 1080p camera and record in 60 frames per second, if the footage was only made available in 1080p.

Assassins Creed Syndicate will be available to purchase October 23rd.





Witcher 3 is to tax players who use money exploits

Many players of the popular CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3 were thrilled last week at the arrival of the game’s first paid expansion. However, along with this the developer introduced a interesting idea in one of the DLC’s main mission. During the missions a character will approach the player to discuss the “Hides and Pearls Tax”.

The tax man will ask the player if they have “engaged in the wholesale trade of rawhide in the White Orchard area?” and if they have also been involved “in the acquisition of bivalves with the express intention of selling the pearls therein?” The player can respond by admitting to evading the “tax” and pay the penalty, or alternatively, can deny having any involvement. In the case of the latter the tax collector will commend the player and give you a “Taxpayer in Good Standing” diploma.

This addition is a well implemented way for players to admit to using the exploit and pay a price for it, or alternatively completely ignore. This non intrusive way to allow players to own up almost makes the players feel guilty for using the exploit in the first place.

The addition of this is in response to players finding an exploit in the game which allowed for the ability to farm gold. Back in June a patch to the game was added in order to deter this through the addition of the “Bovine Defense Force Initiative” which added a incredibly powerful monster to deter players from using the exploit (by killing them), which involved killing cows and collecting their hides. The players would then use the games mediate feature to cause the cows to respawn when they awoke.



Week 4 – News Diary 3

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