Week 4 – Step by Step of radio Interview

  1. Initial briefing from editor/producer. This is where the story is outlined and sometimes gives a skeletal structure to the piece. Sometimes the editor will give a theme for the story and give a base outline of what they expect the piece to be like.
  2. The reporter in question will then make phone calls to official and primary sources of information (people involved with the story etc…). They will then use this information along with other research to help inform them on the story.
  3. The reporter will then collect any equipment that will be necessary for the story, such as microphone, laptop, zoom mic. They will then travel to location if necessary to interview.
  4. The interviewee will have been researched priory to this during step 2 relating to their identity and location. They will then interview the person and record the audio. In some cases they will travel to location and do a vox pop. Some reporters may take good vox pops and invite them to a full interview.
  5. The reporter will organise an interview to be taken with a specific person of interest or importance and then pre-record them for the piece.
  6. The reporter will then write up a draft script which will be checked by the editor.
  7. Once the script has been cleared the reporter will record the piece taking into account environment; matching sounds relevant to the piece to make the piece realistic.
  8. The piece will then be re-edited to make any final cuts.
  9. The reporter will listen back to their piece to check for quality.
  10. There will then be one final quality check.
  11. The producer will then listen to the piece.
  12. The piece will then be played live.
Week 4 – Step by Step of radio Interview

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