Week 3 – Recreate Double Page Spread

Using adobe InDesign I created a double page spread to emulate the design of a double page spread I found and analysed (seen below).

Evaluation of design

In terms of design I took inspiration from the source material of going for one large image transitioning between pages with text wrapping around the image. This was a challenge as I could not find an image that fit this criteria that was a .PNG file. Therefore I had to manually space the text out one line at a time. While this allowed for a good looking arrangement this was very time consuming and tedious.

One aspect I tried to stick closely to was the slight gray background graduating from white from the top right hand of the article. This was something I took into consideration when looking for an image for my article. Finding one that was in grey scale with slight use of red. I feel this worked well as it reflected well with the colour scheme of the article.

The title I had transition over the two pages going from the top of the image over to the second page. This is similar to the original image but different in that it doesn’t use two colours, this is because the image was not necessary with the image I had selected. I stuck with the style of capitals for the headline and then red lower case for the subhead. I chose not to go for italics as I did not think it would fit with the style and could appear unprofessional.

I chose not to include a standfirst as I did not think it would fit right with the design and style I was going for. I wanted it to be fairly minimalist and felt a standfirst could over complicate design.

Sticking to the original image I went with two separate columns through using the tool in InDesign in the toolbar under the paragraph symbol and changed the number of columns to two. As with the original image I went with only slight guttering. I feel this was effective as it spaces it out but doesn’t leave too much white space.

I used a drop cap with the first few words in red to highlight attention to the beginning of the article as with the original image. The use of red works well with my image as well due to it having light hints of red in the image. The red is used sparingly to break up text and would be used to highlight important points in the article.

I used a high resolution image in order for re sizing of the image to not cause the image to become pixelated  when used to fill the two pages. I added the image by saving it to the computer, creating a box and using the place function, found under file in the toolbar. I then dragged the image box to fill up the two pages. I right clicked and then selected fitting and then fit content proportionally. I then used the rotate tool to have the image face from left to right as shown in the original image my design is based off of.

While pleased with the other all result there are a few things I would do differently next time in order to improve. Firstly I would alter the image so that it was a png file allowing me to wrap the text around the image in a much less time consuming manner. This would also have prevented some of the text bleeding over into the image in some places. Also I would have altered the margins so that there were no white margin lines at the top and side of the page.


recreation of a 2 page spread

Week 3 – Recreate Double Page Spread

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