Week 2 – Vox Pops: Transcription and Evaluation

Interview preparation – Group Work

What information are you looking to gather from this interview?

People’s opinions on Jeremy Corbyn.

List the questions/questions you will be asking?

How do you view Jeremy Corbyn as a politician?

Are they open-ended or closed questions? Why?

Open-ended because it means that the interviewee can give a detailed answer, and opens up conversation and allows for a broad answer.

Explain how you made sure you used neutral questions?

The question is balanced as there in no emotive language is used.

Provide a written summary that introduces the topic you are covering. This is to be read to interviewees that have no prior knowledge of your interview’s subject matter (to bring them up to speed).

Jeremy Corbyn has recently been elected as the leader of the Labour Party. He has been in the news a lot recently regarding his views and ideals towards issues such as the migrant crisis “How do you view Corbyn as a Politician?”

Vox Pop Interviews answering the question – “How do you view Jeremy Corbyn as a Politician?”

“Best thing to happen to British politics in like forever. When everyone else wanted to raise taxes for the poor and lower them for the rich and everything like that, he was fighting against the Apartheid and bringing about nice things”

“I feel he is very different to other politicians that are currently that currently surround him, whether he will survive as a Politician is down the media and that is not a good thing.”

“He’s useless. That’s it.”

“I think he’s a bit of a d**k head to be honest, like when he first joined, he went to the Pub straightaway.”

“I like him as a Politician because as far as I’m aware, he seems to have stuck to his political opinions and his standpoints – he’s stopped them. Lots of Politicians have changed their tactics depending on the current mood of the country. I don’t know, I could be wrong, he seems to have kept the same thing going; same opinions, same views. One of the things I like about him is that he appeals to the things that I care about. Things like Palistein, he’s a big supporter of that cause. He has the courage to stand up and speak about his views. He’s got my respect for that. As far as I’m aware he’s got an honest mind and if people don’t like it, that’s fine because that’s why we have democracy and stuff.”

“Well he’s different for a start. I don’t think that he has enough backing in terms of young people and trying to get them engaged. As a Politician, I’d like to see him do something for the Labour Party, being the President of the Union here, it’s important that he does speak out to younger people and that he does speak for Trade Unionism, especially against all the cuts the Tori’s are making. I admit I didn’t vote for him but it’ll be interesting to see where he comes. He has a more left wing approach, which at the end of the day, is getting more people engaged. I mean membership has gone up, which is a good thing so maybe he is the one to lead us to a 2020 victory.”

“I feel that he is radical and stubborn in a good way and that he’s sticking to what he’s promised. I feel that Labour needs a shake up because to me it’s drifted more and more right wing, where I was always told that Labour was left wing but I didn’t see it, so right now it needs to be shaken up.”

Evaluation of interview technique

Week 2 – Vox Pops: Transcription and Evaluation

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