Week 1 – News Conference notes

Basis notes

  • Muslim boy accused of ISIS connections for saying ‘eco terrorist’
  • Found on the front page of the guardian news paper
  • Also found on http://www.thedebrief.co.uk/news/real-life/muslim-boy-accused-of-isis-connections-for-saying-eco-terrorist-20150953784
  • Guardian used very factual basis and back up everything with a quote.
  • A lot of direct quotes (primary sources) and official statements from the government officials.
  • Thedebrief.com used very emotive language using facts and backing them up with quotes. They are also very Bias in favour of the boy using a lot of questions to try and gain your backing.
  • A small debrief at the top of the page says ‘The Debrief: Schoolboy, 14, was hauled into isolation with a child protection officer after talking about tree-huggers…’
  • This tone is very sarcastic and questioning of the situation shown by the inclusion of a ‘…’ .
  • No photos available.
  • In the newspaper the story is continued from on the front page to page 6
  • It is only summed up in 511 words on thedebreife.com
  • In the guardian it is pushed aside to a side column by the story about the refugees
  • Thedebreif.com also references the guardian

Write up

Muslim boy interviewed relating to ISIS after using the term ‘eco terrorist’ during a French lesson. The articles in question relate to a 14 year old boy who was taken out of lessons to be interviewed relating to whether he had any involvement with ISIS after using the term ‘eco terrorism’ during his French lesson while having a discussion mainly in French.

The news story was covered in the Guardian and in a website called thedebrief.co.uk (link found above). Both articles portray the story in different ways with clearly differing agendas and angles. The guardian known for being a fairly pro labour paper is aimed at the general public where the article is written on a factual basis where all information is backed up by primary interviews or secondary official statements by officials or the school in question.

The debrief however is notable aimed at a different demographic being much more informal in content and, as a result, the article has an overall a more biased view where they clearly pick a side and defend it. The whole layout and information published by the debrief is in a much more casual style and comes across more as a magazine than a news based outlet.

The stories are likely included in the news due to recent terrorism scares related to ISIS as well as a big push in the media regarding anti-Islam views and actions. This likely stems from the recent refugee ‘crisis’ as described by media. The guardian likely covered this due to this as the story featured on the front page beside an article relating to the current refugee situation facing the EU. The debrief likely did this for similar reasons and also included mention of a previous new story covered in the news recently of another Muslim child who was accused of faking a terrorism act by bringing in a home-made clock to show his teacher, many marked this as an anti-Muslim action and so has opened up discussion.

The event in question took place in May and has likely been held back by the Guardian for a more suitable time to release the story choosing to release it with the recent refugee situation is possibly the cause. The debrief updated their article at approximately 9:30 likely after receiving information from the Guardian’s article which they reference in their article.

The articles in question differ in length, the debrief article is fairly short online article where it’s purpose is more likely to open up a discussion and express an opinion based on the event where are the Guardian’s article is more in depth. The Guardian article presents much more information including official statements quotes from an interview with the mother of the child in question and the school’s response to this. The debrief however does not present this same level of information and stacks the information clearly in a bias way against the school’s actions.

The Guardian does not make any judgements and the journalist responsible for the article does not express their personal opinion.

As specified before the articles are aimed at very different demographics and this is shown clearly in how they present the articles. The Guardian has a much longer more in depth look at the factual information and all emotive language in contained in quotes by sources with no opinions expressed by the author of the article. This is due to the Guardian being a publicly available newspaper so is written in this way to appeal to the general public who wish to know the information but are not interesting in a discussion regarding the topic.

The debrief has a much shorter article and uses a lot of emotive language expressing their views regarding the incident such as using the word “hauled” when describing the child being taken out of lessons. The whole article has a very sarcastic undertone and clearly does not agree with the actions of the school, which is even evident in the headline with the use of “…” in almost a patronising and mocking fashion. Due to the use of informal and emotive language and due to the shorter article it appears the article is aimed at more casual readers who are more interested in reading something informal rather than a purely factually based piece.

The Guardian arguably has an agenda which releasing this story however this is likely due to how they chose to release it rather than the actually content of the article. The use of putting it on the front page next to a refugee article is likely due to the recent public debate regarding refugees and recent fears relating to ISIS.

The debrief’s agenda is fairly clearly one of judging the school for its actions taking the side of the child. Also agreeing with the mother who stated that this action on the school’s part was likely an overreaction in relation to recent fears regarding extremism in youths in the UK. There is a clearly an undertone of how Muslim children appear to be being singled out due this recent media spin on extremism and radicalism by ISIS, shown through their reference to the previous story with the Muslim boy in question being arrested for bringing what was assumed a homemade bomb when he brought in a homemade clock.

Neither article, in how they represent the article, chose to include a picture possibly to keep attention kept on the topic or perhaps just because there were no relevant pictures relating to the story.

Week 1 – News Conference notes

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