Week 1 – Double page spread

e268f-screen-shot-2013-01-19-at-16-26-47  pod

On the left is the double page spread I used as inspiration for my task seen on the right.

I tried to replicate the large picture in profile as a close up as it helps centre the audience attention to the person the article is based on. This also helps to put a name to a face which is vital for a piece written about a person as it helps to humanise them and make the piece more personal and takes the article from being a collection of words to being something that relates to the person in question.

I chose not to have the large quote drawing attention as I don’t think it fit well with my article in question and would take away from the article itself. Instead I chose to take the logo for the charity and place it behind the text, due to it being quite colourful and of the same colour pallet as the background colours shown in the image to the left of the article. I chose to make the image transparent in order for the text to be easier to read while still keeping the eye catching image.

I took on the style of having an overlap from one page to another with my piece but did this with the image rather than the text as the image was my main draw for the reader not the quote such as in the piece to the left. However had I done this I would have increased the font size in order to make use of the additional space.

As with the piece on the left my spread uses a drop cap for the first letter, due to the initial quote being in italics I had to slant the letter in the opposite direction in order to have it not cover other some of the first line effectively realigning it so it was straight. This shows both the beginning paragraph and draws readers to the starting paragraph and secondly creates a definitive start.

Unlike the image my spread is based off I chose to try and avoid too much negative space, while this is effective in the original image to draw attention to the quote, I chose to use less space in order that the drop cap in the opening paragraph to have more of an effect.

Week 1 – Double page spread

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